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TitleAuthorsResearch TypeSchoolPublisherDateSubjectSubjectSubjectAttached Abstract
The patrons of eco-parks: empirical evidence from contingent valuation methodAbaya, Joanna Loi C.ThesisSAMCIS2018ValuationEco-parksABSTRACT
Retail mix influence on the patronage motive of household appliance buyers : a Baguio City settingAbbasi, Aqil AhmadThesisSAMCIS1991MarketingRetail trade -- Household appliancesABSTRACT
Creative accounting practices in Tripoli, LibyaAboklash, Muftah Saleh MohamedThesisSAMCIS2018AccountingABSTRACT
The effectiveness of automation : an insight on the purchase-to-pay (P2P) process of TI (Philippines), Inc.Aboy, Woodee T.ThesisSAMCIS2011EconomicsABSTRACT
The social, economic and financial retirement status of retiring teachers and employees of private higher education institutions in Cagayan Valley, Philippines : toward an institutional retirement empowerment programAcosta, Caroline M.DissertationSAMCIS2010
Empowering women through microfinance : a case study from Offinso, GhanaAdams, Linda.ThesisSAMCIS2014MicrofinanceABSTRACT
Level of effectiveness of NHIP as perceived by the self-employed members in the informal sector in Baguio CityAdawey, Catalina C.ThesisSAMCIS2007Health insuranceEmploymentABSTRACT
Consumers buying behavior : a case in the Ghana insurance marketAddo, Jemima NaaThesisSAMCIS2014ConsumersShoppingABSTRACT
Wage and salary administration of franchised fast food businesses in Baguio CityAdhikari, Puspa Raj.ThesisSAMCIS2000
Sourcing and allocation of funds by credit cooperatives in Baguio City as perceived by the officersAdhikari, Rajendra P.ThesisSAMCIS1998Cooperative societyCredit unionsABSTRACT
Commercial fertilizers business in Baguio and La Trinidad : its practices and problemsAdjananont, SuphotThesisSAMCIS1979Fertilizers and manuresBusinessABSTRACT
An analysis of the practices and problems of the Baguio City vegetable vendorsAgyao, Hoover LeeThesisSAMCIS1992VegetableVegetable vendorsABSTRACT
A comparative study of income and expenditures of foreign students in the PhilippinesAhmad, Shakeel.ThesisSAMCIS1991ExpenditureIncome
Competitive advantage for progressive educationAlbay, Lina Magnolia P.DissertationSAMCIS2018Educational ManagementABSTRACT
The hardware retail business in Baguio City and La Trinidad, BenguetAli, Shabbir Taher.ThesisSAMCIS1991RetailManagementABSTRACT
Promotional strategies and marketing problems on market positioning of herbal cosmetic exclusive distributorsAmatya, Arbindra.ThesisSAMCIS2001MarketingABSTRACT
Impact of SLU Libraries' electronic resources on university researchersAmbloza, Michelle D.ThesisSAMCIS2015Web databasesInformation retrievalElectronic booksABSTRACT
Tax collection system of Bauang treasury : an analysisAncheta, Cecilia G.ThesisSAMCIS1992TaxationInternal revenueABSTRACT
The expanded housing loan program of PAG-IBIG fundAquino-Cacanindin, Peregrina J.ThesisSAMCIS1998Housing loansMortgagesABSTRACT
Structural dimensions of small business enterprises in Baguio City : basis for organizational interventionArguelles, Roberto M.ThesisSAMCIS2000Small businessEntrepreneurshipABSTRACT
Strategic orientation of small business enterpreneurs in Baguio CityArguelles, Roberto Marasigan.ThesisSAMCIS2004
Small businessEntrepreneurshipABSTRACT
Government benefits and privileges : its level of satisfaction as perceived by the public employees of district II, La UnionAspiras-Ponce, ElizaThesisSAMCIS2006Fringe benefitsABSTRACT
Compliance of the local government unit of Baguio City to the code of conduct and ethical standardsAwat, MarcialThesisSAMCIS2007Civil serviceEthicsABSTRACT
The promotional strategies of baratillo and department stores in the city of BaguioAzarcon, Ernie Roy S.ThesisSAMCIS2003Promotional strategiesAdvertisingABSTRACT
Reengineering the credit management system of Allied Banking Corporation in Northwestern LuzonAzuma, Lyzander Caoili.ThesisSAMCIS2004Credit management systemsABSTRACT
Integrating information and communications technology (ICT) as a marketing tool for Saint Louis University-Center for Culture and the Arts (SLU-CCA)Bacani, Benedick P.ThesisSAMCIS2008Online advertisingMarketing toolABSTRACT
The auto repair shops in Baguio City and La Trinidad, Benguet : their organization, operational practices and problemsBactad, Rosemarie I.ThesisSAMCIS1988AutomobilesABSTRACT
Factors influencing the location decisions of selected investors at special economic and freeport zonesBada, Josefa Catherine T.ThesisSAMCIS2008Freeports locationABSTRACT
An evaluation of the resource allocation of farmers on selected crops in BenguetBadival, Hilaria B.ThesisSAMCIS1992Farm produceAgriculture
Financial management of cooperatives in Kalinga ProvinceBagtang, Eduardo T.ThesisSAMCIS2001Financial managementABSTRACT
Increasing the demand for land capital substitution as a policy option in open access resource management : the case of the agricultural land in Mt. DBalag-ey, Yvonne Comaad.ThesisSAMCIS2014Land useEnvironmental policyABSTRACT
The retirement needs and preferences of current and future retirees : a guide for providing effective benefit system, programs, and other servicesBaltazar, Jose Antonio M.ThesisSAMCIS2007RetirementABSTRACT
Edward de Bono's lateral thinking in organization developmentBandoc, IsaganiDissertationSAMCIS2012Organizational changeABSTRACT
Grameen approach replication by the Cooperative Bank of BenguetBangao, Kareen K.ThesisSAMCIS2001Cooperative banksLoansABSTRACT
Cash management practices of vegetable wholesalers in BenguetBaniasen, Jennifer Ellen P.ThesisSAMCIS2008Financial managementABSTRACT
Forecasting fair value in agriculture accounting using autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA)Banisa-Geminiano, Shaila Kenna.ThesisSAMCIS2015Agricultural industryAccountingABSTRACT
Relationship of motivational techniques toward quality service dimensions across radio stations in Baguio CityBarnachea, Jr., Napoleon I.ThesisSAMCIS2004Personnel managementABSTRACT
Department store employees' perception of selected factors related to job satisfactionBautista, Julie M.ThesisSAMCIS1987Personnel managementABSTRACT
Alternative job fitness of the employees of the Interim Cordillera Administrative BodiesBawing, Josefino R.ThesisSAMCIS2000Alternative employmentJob fitnessABSTRACT
Effectiveness of the factors of project planning in selected construction companies in Baguio CityBayao, Beverly Joy O.ThesisSAMCIS2006Project managementABSTRACT
Lending policies of finance companies in Baguio CityBaylon, Sharon S.ThesisSAMCIS2000Loans policiesSavings and loan associationABSTRACT
An information systems/information technology plan for Benguet State UniversityBayog, Daniel-Rey M.ThesisSAMCIS2000Information systemsNetwork designABSTRACT
Defeminization of women leadersBaywong, Mary Grace C.ThesisSAMCIS2012Leadership in womenABSTRACT
Requirements and strategies for the standards-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) model for the University of Baguio (UB)Beliaco, Stephanie O.ThesisSAMCIS2008Information technologyManagementABSTRACT
Leadership behavior and organizational effectiveness vis-à-vis Edmund Husserl's phenomenology : evidence from an academic institutionBeray, Bienvenido E.ThesisSAMCIS2011AdministrationColleges and universitiesABSTRACT
Determining operating profitability and efficiency of multipurpose cooperatives through working capital management practicesBernal, Maria Teresa L.ThesisSAMCIS2018ManagementABSTRACT
Service quality : a platform of Kano model of satisfaction for AFMBAI, Baguio BranchBersamina, Lorena Umbay.ThesisSAMCIS2015Customer relationsCustomer servicesABSTRACT
An automated class scheduler for SLU : a genetic algorithm approachBerto, Claire B.ThesisSAMCIS2000Class schedulingClass timetablingGenetic AlgorithmsABSTRACT
Classification of regression methods as an adjunct to WHONET in the management of antimicrobial susceptibility test resultBete, Anielyn S.DissertationSAMCIS2015Data processingInformation systemsABSTRACT
The services of cable television companies in Baguio CityBhattarai, Kundan.ThesisSAMCIS1998Cable television servicesABSTRACT
The marketing scheme of contract growers and non-contract growers of Highland vegetables in BenguetBiang, Shellanie Sangao.ThesisSAMCIS2001MarketingMarketing schemeABSTRACT
Organizational culture and leadership : typology and dominance case studyBildan, Mario F.ThesisSAMCIS2011Corporate cultureLeadershipABSTRACT
Proposed reengineering management change programs for accredited hotels in Baguio CityBista, Bhola Bahadur.ThesisSAMCIS2002ReengineeringManagementABSTRACT
Case analyses of the operationalization of co-operative principlesBognadon, David Joseph L. DissertationSAMCIS2017ABSTRACT
Sales force management of pre-need companies in Baguio CityCabreros, Cielo F.ThesisSAMCIS1997Sales managementSales force managementABSTRACT
An analysis of tourist preferences using choice modellingCacho, Ariane Xyrille P.ThesisSAMCIS2014Tourist tradeABSTRACT
Professional competence of certified public accountants in public practice in Baguio CityCal-agan, Leodegario M., Jr.ThesisSAMCIS2005Professional competenceAccountantsABSTRACT
Kant's categorical imperative in the context of military disaster responseCalindas, Laarnie DisonoDissertationSAMCIS2017DisasterMilitaryABSTRACT
A proposed IS/IT educational redesign model for the student information system of the University of BaguioCalub, Elisabeth Duculan.ThesisSAMCIS2005Information systemsInformation technologyABSTRACT
Franchising : its business strategies and entrepreneurial opportunities in the City of BaguioCamat, Greenlee Karen R.ThesisSAMCIS2004FranchisingABSTRACT
Likert's systems of management applied to selected mining companies in BenguetCamat, Rosalind R.ThesisSAMCIS1988ManagementLikert systemMining companiesABSTRACT
Professional competence of human resource practitioners in the national government agencies in the Cordillera Administrative RegionCanave, Grace C.ThesisSAMCIS2000Personnel managementHuman resourcesNon-government agenciesABSTRACT
The services of photo centers with processing machines in the city of BaguioCaronongan, Arsenia R.ThesisSAMCIS2001Photo centersABSTRACT
Direct distribution management of selected business enterprisesCarreon, Editha B.ThesisSAMCIS2001Direct distribution managementBusinessManagementABSTRACT
The management problems of the SLU-SVP Housing Cooperative, Inc., Baguio CityCarreon, Virginia J.ThesisSAMCIS1980Housing projects, cooperativeManagementABSTRACT
Perceptions of work team effectiveness at MOOG Controls CorporationCasil, Ferdinand B.ThesisSAMCIS2009MOOG Controls CorporationTeams in the workplaceABSTRACT
Implementation of working capital management of selected private schools in Baguio CityCastañeda, Marc Oliver B.ThesisSAMCIS2004 Financial managementABSTRACT
Bar coding system : its extent of effectiveness to quality managementCataluña, Leamor C.ThesisSAMCIS2003Bar coding systemABSTRACT
Subscribers usage, attitude and image perception of the Paging Service System in Baguio CityCeli, Tasha Theresa P.ThesisSAMCIS1998Paging servicesTelecommunicationABSTRACT
A feasibility study on the establishment of a sports complex for the city of BaguioChanco, Maria Flor.ThesisSAMCIS1982Feasibility studiesSports complexABSTRACT
The dealers of Liquefied Petroleum Gas in Baguio City and La Trinidad : their marketing practices and problemsChavasit, VisuthiThesisSAMCIS1981MarketingABSTRACT
Extending the Ohlson's model in analyzing the corporate failure of government owned and controlled corporationsChing, Fayanne Aydi N.ThesisSAMCIS2016AccountingABSTRACT
The financial management system of the Divine Word Colleges of Northern LuzonCordero, Crispina A.ThesisSAMCIS2001Financial managementABSTRACT
Financial forensics and the compliance to fiscal policies at the barangay levelCortez, Florecita A.ThesisSAMCIS2018Financial managementABSTRACT
Managerial capacities and executive succession in the light of Paulo Freire's transformative education : implications to transformative managementCristobal, Elisa C.DissertationSAMCIS2013PhenomenologyPhilosophyABSTRACT
An object oriented generic inventory management system model for a semiconductor chip assembly / test siteCruz, Jonathan Daniel R.ThesisSAMCIS2008Inventory controlObject-oriented programming (Computer science)ABSTRACT
Organization development of private higher education institutes in Baguio CityDabucol, Mary Agnes Haydee E.DissertationSAMCIS2009Downsizing of organizationsHigher education (Private)ABSTRACT
Philosophy and culture of an American precision company in the perspective of Tomas D. AndresDacumos, Marife Vejerano.ThesisSAMCIS2013Corporate cultureABSTRACT
Awareness on the proposed third organic act : the case of Bontoc, Mountain ProvinceDacusol, Jeremiah K.ThesisSAMCIS2012Public managementABSTRACT
Characteristics and practices of middlemen of selected vegetables in BenguetDagupen, Marie Klondy T.ThesisSAMCIS1997Business middlemenBusiness relationship (Personal)ABSTRACT
The University of the Philippines Baguio Library : service quality and customer satisfactionDagusen, Jocelyn Dar.ThesisSAMCIS2009Customer satisfactionLibrary servicesABSTRACT
The filling stations in Baguio City and La Trinidad, Benguet : their organizational set-up, personnel, and operational practices and problemsDamsukree, Kitti.ThesisSAMCIS1979Gas stationsFilling stationsABSTRACT
The quality management system in Technical Education and Skills Development Authority-Baguio City School of Arts and TradesDancel, Roger V.ThesisSAMCIS2001Management styleQuality management systemsABSTRACT
Accessibility of information in the academic libraries of Baguio CityDangawen, Grace B.ThesisSAMCIS2000Reference services (Libraries)Accessibility of informationABSTRACT
The relationship of buying behavior of Baguio City car owners to the pricing strategies of car dealersDe Castro, Bonifacio T.ThesisSAMCIS1985Buying behaviorAutomobilesABSTRACT
The palay trading business in the Municipality of Santiago, Isabela : its practices and problemDe Castro, Ligaya Padunan.ThesisSAMCIS1990Rice tradeABSTRACT
Sustainable reuse of sludge from Santo Tomas Rain Basin into ecological bricksDe Chomapoy, Orietta Diaz.ThesisSEA2016Environmental scienceABSTRACT
Government CPAs: : keeping up with the competency challengeDe Guzman, Nora Michelle P.ThesisSAMCIS2012AccountingABSTRACT
Impact of preserving ancestral houses on physical development of Calle Crisologo in Vigan CityDe La Cruz, Aldrin Juan.ThesisSEA2014Architecture ABSTRACT
The influence of blog user's personality on Ajzen's theory of planned behaviorDe Leon, Jon Michael D.ThesisSAMCIS2017PersonalityBlogABSTRACT
Developing quantitative tools to enhance the local fiscal managementDe Leon, Severina B.ThesisSAMCIS2008Revenue managementABSTRACT
Job satisfaction and organizational commitment among employees of Mirant Sual CorporationDe Vera, Pracsy V.ThesisSAMCIS2008Job Satisfaction Organizational commitment ABSTRACT
Economic impact of overseas employment on identified contract workers and their families in Baguio CityDegay, Imelda Paragas.ThesisSAMCIS2000EconomicsOverseas contract workersABSTRACT
Quality management of bottled water business in Baguio City along selected dimensionsDela Peña, MarilouThesisSAMCIS2000Quality management Production standardsABSTRACT
The reengineering program among private central commercial banksDelizo, Leonardo I.ThesisSAMCIS1997Management Information systemABSTRACT
Portfolio management of selected medium-large sized manufacturing firmsDelos Reyes, Elvira Q.ThesisSAMCIS1996Investment trustsPortfolio management ABSTRACT
Factors of bank choice in Baguio CityDelos Reyes-Dacayo, Elvira Q.DissertationSAMCIS2004Banks and bankingBanks choiceABSTRACT
Efficacy of infectious waste treatment practices of clinical laboratories in Baguio CityDepay-Awisan, Jannette T.ThesisSoNAHBS2008Medical waste ABSTRACT
Current awareness program of Saint Louis University Library : an assessment based on user's perceptionsDiaron, Rina Hemedez.DissertationSAMCIS2003Current awareness programABSTRACT
Oral health seeking behavior in the context of Andersen's health service utilizationDickson, Marie Toni Joy ParcoDissertationSAMCIS2013Public healthManagementABSTRACT
The relationship of family cohesion and resilience to student nurses' psychosocial riskAbad, Emily P.ThesisSoNAHBS2012Risk factorsFamily lifeABSTRACT
The relationship of emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence and self-efficacy level of nurse educatorsAbubo, Rhoel V.ThesisSoNAHBS2014Nurses ABSTRACT
Extent of nursing interventions provided to patients on hemodialysisAdvincula, Maria Amor J.ThesisSoNAHBS2008NursingHemodialysis patient--Nursing careABSTRACT
Nurses' self-concept and correlatesAgaled, Dennis C.ThesisSoNAHBS2017Organizational behaviorABSTRACT
Values integrated in nursing education and in nursing practiceAlinduza, Catalina B.ThesisSoNAHBS1994Nursing--Values EducationNursing--ValuesABSTRACT
The effects of progressive muscle relaxation on anxiety and vital signs of cardiovascular patientsAlveras, Petronila J.ThesisSoNAHBS1998Heart diseases--Nursing instructionNursing careABSTRACT
Knowledge, attitudes and practices of graduating students in allied-health courses regarding HIV/AIDS in Baguio CityAmian, Cheerybelle L.ThesisSoNAHBS2012AIDS (Diseases)ABSTRACT
Copper hyperaccumulation potential of vetiveria zizanioidesAngalan, Norbert Q.ThesisSoNAHBS2005Copper ABSTRACT
Bacterial and fungal density of cucumber-based farms and non-tilled areas at Datacan, Kapangan, BenguetAnnawi, Gregorio N.ThesisSoNAHBS2007Agricultural bacteriology Microbial density Soil microbiology ABSTRACT
Nursing, nightingale and beyond : voices, dialogues, and talks of the futureAnquillano-Carsola, Fatima T.DissertationSoNAHBS2015Nursing ABSTRACT
Insecticidal efficacy of the Bufo marinus L. Venom against Musca domestica L.Aquino, Amelia L.ThesisSoNAHBS1999InsecticidesABSTRACT
Life cycle and damages rendered by the potato tubermoth phthorimaea operculella (Zeller), (Baguio-Benguet)Ariz, Nadezna P.ThesisSoNAHBS1981Potatoes-- Disease and pestsPotatoes-- Life cycleABSTRACT
Knowledge and perception of women regarding menopauseBaek Sang Son, Sr. Marie-LenaThesisSoNAHBS2001Menopause Reproductive System--PhysiologyABSTRACT
Beliefs and practices on HIV/ AIDS and its prevention among male homosexualsBaffour Awuah, DorothyThesisSoNAHBS2014AIDS (Disease)Safe sex in AIDS preventionSexually transmitted diseases ABSTRACT
Paternal feelings and involvement during pregnancy, labor and delivery and postpartum periodBagyan-Madino, Arlene Joy D.ThesisSoNAHBS2014Childbirth FathersPregnancyABSTRACT
Work practice environment, organizational commitment and work engagement of emergency department nurses : a correlation studyBalay-odao, Ejercito M.DissertationSoNAHBS2016Work--Physiological aspectsABSTRACT
An open standard-based desktop platform for SLUFlores, Robert Randy C.ThesisSAMCIS2008Information technologyOpen source software ManagementABSTRACT
The effectiveness of the total productive maintenance program of Texas Instruments (Philippines), IncorporatedGacad, Emily Joy Acosta.ThesisSAMCIS1999Production management Total productive maintenanceABSTRACT
An inquiry into the progression of cottage and small-scale industries in Baguio CityGacusan, Gina Tablante.ThesisSAMCIS1982Entrepreneurship Home-based businessABSTRACT
The beauty shoppes in Baguio City : their operational practices and problemsGallo, Gezahegn M.ThesisSAMCIS1991Beauty shops ABSTRACT
The level of job satisfaction of bank employees in Baguio CityGami, Umesh.ThesisSAMCIS2007Job satisfaction Bank employeesABSTRACT
Level of satisfaction of Philhealth indigent program beneficiaries at Dagupan City for year 2003Garcia, Felicitas N.ThesisSAMCIS2005Health insurance ABSTRACT
Philippine Military Academy Librarians: Status, Role, and ContributionsGarcia, Florita F.ThesisSAMCIS2014LibraryLibrariansABSTRACT
Incidence of extended spectrum beta-lactamase in Enterobacteriaceae isolates from private tertiary hospitals in Baguio CityGarcia, Oliver ZambranoThesisSoNAHBS2008Bacteriology Enterobacteriaceae ABSTRACT
Morphologic and taxonomic studies of the cutworm species found in Baguio and La TrinidadBalcita, Manuel A.ThesisSoNAHBS1984Worms--MorphologyWorms--TaxonomyABSTRACT
Mentoring experiences among faculty members of schools of nursing in Baguio CityBalanon, April Anne D.ThesisSoNAHBS2012Mentoring NursingABSTRACT
Morale of staff nurses in the workplaceBalino, Valerie L.ThesisSoNAHBS2012Medical ethicsABSTRACT
Some effects of insecticides on the chlorophyll content and yield of cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata L.)Balweg, Ma. Gina AnchetaThesisSoNAHBS1992Insecticides PesticidesABSTRACT
Health beliefs and self-concept of hypertensive patientsBangwa, Elizabeth Carol C.ThesisSoNAHBS1997Health self-care ABSTRACT
Quality of life of persons with Cardiovascular DiseasesBaniqued, Charmaine AcostaThesisSoNAHBS2014Heart DiseaseABSTRACT
Professional autonomy of nurse managersBaniqued, Angel Lea AcostaThesisSoNAHBS2015Nurses ABSTRACT
Application of the principles of body mechanicsBanta, Remedios M.ThesisSoNAHBS2010Body mechanicsHuman bodyABSTRACT
Usnea sp. and Parmotrema sp. as indicator of atmospheric lead (Pb) pollution in selected areas of Baguio-BenguetBaquiran, Edwin PoquizThesisSoNAHBS2003Lead pollution ABSTRACT
Antibacterial assay or representative mosses endemic to Baguio CityBartolome, Fe B.ThesisSoNAHBS1999Antibacterial assayBacteriologyABSTRACT
Home care needs of family caregivers of cancer patientsBasatan, Teresa N.ThesisSoNAHBS2000Home care servicesNursing careABSTRACT
Caregiving burden, social support and life satisfaction among family caregivers of persons with chronic mental illnessBasatan, Teresa N.DissertationSoNAHBS2017CaregiversMental illnessABSTRACT
Generic drugs prescription : knowledge, attitudes and practice of Baguio and La Trinidad general practitionersBassam, MohammedThesisSoNAHBS2010Generic drugsABSTRACT
Health-promoting lifestyle of women teachers in Baguio CityBastian-Roque, Ann MarieThesisSoNAHBS2002Health promoting lifestyle Health promotionABSTRACT
Implementation of primary nursing at Saint Louis University Hospital of the Sacred HeartBautista, Sylvia V.ThesisSoNAHBS2000Nursing careABSTRACT
Effectiveness of directly observed therapy short-term course (DOTS) in Baguio CityBautista, Evelyn J.ThesisSoNAHBS2003Directly observed therapy short-termNursing educationABSTRACT
Comparison and correlation of water quality parameters and cyanobacterian pollution indicatorsBawingan, Paulina A.ThesisSoNAHBS1996Water pollutionWaterwaysABSTRACT
Cassava leaf meal as substitute for Azolla in broiler rationsBelen, Frances Mary Ann R.ThesisSoNAHBS1997Cassava FeedsForage PlantsABSTRACT
Anti-inflammatory activity of the aqueous extract of makabuhay stem (Tinospora crispa (Wild.) Miers ex Hook. F. & Thoms., Family Menispermaceae)Broñola, Regina Lourdes C.ThesisSoNAHBS2008Herbal medicine (Makabuhay)ABSTRACT
Postpartum health teachings rendered by nurses to primiparasBulawe, Mary Salang-eyThesisSoNAHBS2004Maternal nursing Postpartum (Depression)ABSTRACT
Preformulation of the volatile oil from the leaves of Piper betle L, (Piperaceae) and in vitro/in vivo evaluation of its antimicrobial cream for quality and safetyCaburian, Adeltrudes B.ThesisSoNAHBS2011Anti-infective agentsABSTRACT
Selected biological responses of broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica) to different farming methodsCadatal, Lourdes M.ThesisSoNAHBS1995Vegetable (Broccoli)Vegetable gardeningABSTRACT
Body mechanics and quality of life among adultsCadawan, Marie Anne Conception C.ThesisSoNAHBS2015Human locomotion ABSTRACT
Maternal feeding behaviors and obesity in toddlersCaluza, Cherrie E.ThesisSoNAHBS2014Children nutrition Feeding childrenObesityABSTRACT
Utilization of the standard acute respiratory infection case managementCampolet, Asuncion L.ThesisSoNAHBS2000Acute respiratory infection Intensive care nursingABSTRACT
The school feeding program for malnourished elementary pupils in selected public schoolsCastillo-Edralin, SusieThesisSoNAHBS1994Children -- Nutrition
Bacterial biodeterioration management by ultraviolet irradiation of deteriorated print library materialsCasuga, Darwin F.ThesisSoNAHBS2011Bacteriology Library resources -- Conservation and restoration ABSTRACT
Home delivery practices in Dagupan CityCastillo-Cornel, SusanThesisSoNAHBS1998Delivery, HomeHome child birthHome delivery practices ABSTRACT
The incidence of human intestinal parasitic infections in Baguio CityChaguile Jr., Felix B.ThesisSoNAHBS1981BacteriologyHuman intestinal parasitesABSTRACT
Effectiveness of bibliotheraphy among older adultsChamplin, Neribel Jan P.ThesisSoNAHBS2016BibliotherapyDepression (Psychology)ABSTRACT
Knowledge and practices on preventive measures on sexually transmitted infectionsChan, Anthony Luis G.ThesisSoNAHBS2013Preventive medicineSexually transmitted diseases -- Prevention ABSTRACT
Knowledge and practices of pregnant mothers on labor processChilam, Valentina M.ThesisSoNAHBS2007Labor complications Labor processMaternity nursingABSTRACT
Knowledge and practice of recommended perioperative guidelinesComtiag, Tamlyn L.ThesisSoNAHBS2016Perioperative Nursing -- StandardsABSTRACT
Implementation of orientation program for new clinical instructorsConcepcion, Michelle RamirezThesisSoNAHBS2012Nursing education -- Methods Nursing -- Study and teaching ABSTRACT
Antioxidant potential screening of selected indigenous fruits using in vitro lipid peroxidation assayChua, Racquel T.ThesisSoNAHBS2008Fruit ABSTRACT
Regulation of staphylococcus aureus panton-valentine leukocidin gene expression by the quorum sensing inhibitor RNAIII-inhabiting PeptideCulliao, Audrey Glenn L.ThesisSoNAHBS2011Gene expression -- Quorum sensingPanton-valentine leukocidin Pathology ABSTRACT
The effect of the visual management strategy in the clinical areaDacumos, Adrian G.ThesisSoNAHBS2013Visual communicationABSTRACT
In vitro propagation of gladiolus hortulans as induced by the combined effects of iba-kinetin concentrationsDadd-Orca, JanetteThesisSoNAHBS1997Gladiolus Hortulan -- Propagation Plant propagationABSTRACT
Acceptance of nurse specialist practiceDao-ayen, Norenia T.ThesisSoNAHBS1995Nurse practitioners -- ResearchNurses, Role -- Research ABSTRACT
Community organizing-participatory action research : the Kamog experienceDao-ayen, Norenia T.ThesisSoNAHBS1998Community nursingCommunity nursing servicesCommunity organizing -- Participatory action researchABSTRACT
Life stages of human intestinal parasites found on vegetables eaten raw in Baguio CityDatuin, Elmer O.ThesisSoNAHBS1980Human intestinal -- Parasites ABSTRACT
Antibacterial activity of the crude and tannin extracts from the leaves of mango Mangifera indica (Family Anacardiaceae)Datu, Dianne ParuñgaoThesisSoNAHBS2008Herbal medicine (mango leaves) ABSTRACT
Level of competency of emergency room nursesDatud, Joselito M.ThesisSoNAHBS2012Emergency care nursingABSTRACT
Health teachings to end stage renal disease patients : an assessmentDe Guzman, Clarita M.ThesisSoNAHBS1998Chronic diseaseESRD patient -- Nursing care ABSTRACT
Reducing anxiety of the dying patient's familyDelson, Geraldine D.ThesisSoNAHBS1998AnxietyStress -- PsychologyABSTRACT
Enteropathogenic bacteria on selected processed foods sold in the Baguio City public marketDe Vera, Florentina R.ThesisSoNAHBS1996Enteropathogenic bacteria Food -- Microbiology ABSTRACT
Solid waste management in urban barangays of Solano, Nueva VizcayaSoriano-Cabatic, EmelitaThesisSEA2000Refuse and refuse disposal ABSTRACT
Mentorship and preceptorship of post graduate training programs for nursesDiomampo, Divina Zuerte P.ThesisSoNAHBS2012Mentoring in nursingNursing -- Study and teaching (Graduate)Nursing -- Study and teaching (Preceptorship)ABSTRACT
Breaking of dormancy in white potato (solanum tuberosum L.) as affected by ethrel concentrations and storage periods before treatmentDogup-Balangcod, TeodoraThesisSoNAHBS1992Potatoes -- Preservation ABSTRACT
Stress tolerance, coping, and help-seeking behavior among college studentsDometita, Rico Jose B.ThesisSoNAHBS2014Stress management Stress (Psychology) ABSTRACT
Callous tissue formation on selected monocot and dicot plants using coconut milk and coconut waterDungca, Filipinas C.ThesisSoNAHBS1996Plant breeding ABSTRACT
The antibacterial activity of the characterized ocimum basilicum essential oil (family lamiaceae) and its formulated ointmentDe Vera, Shiela P.ThesisSoNAHBS2007Pharmaceutical chemistry ABSTRACT
Morphological and histological changes at and after the grafting time in IXORA SPP, and ROSA SPPEncarnacion, Mary Fe G.ThesisSoNAHBS1990Grafting -- IXORA SPPPlant propagation ABSTRACT
Knowledge and attitude of graduating medical & nursing students of pulmonary tuberculosis & the dots strategyEspiritu, Allan Jay CortezThesisSoNAHBS2009TuberculosisABSTRACT
Effect of guided imagery in reducing stress among cancer patientsFernandez, Emmelene G.ThesisSoNAHBS2000Cancer -- Environmental aspects Cancer -- NursingCancer patients -- Stress ABSTRACT
Pagkakaibigan : its formation and maintenanceYogawin, Jonathan MediranThesisSTELA2003FriendshipABSTRACT
Technical loss reduction through distribution transformer load management at feeder 5 of BENECOParchamento, Roger G.ThesisSEA2013Benguet Electric Cooperative -- Electrical power distribution Electrical power distribution ABSTRACT
Microprocessor systems laboratory training manual for AMA computer college-Baguio CitySaong, Jeferd E.ThesisSEA2016MicroprocessorsABSTRACT
Resident physicians' readiness on the introduction of clinical pharmacy services in hospitals in Baguio CityFiangaan, Mary Luz C.ThesisSoNAHBS2012Clinical pharmacology -- PracticeABSTRACT
Knowledge and involvement of husbands in family planningFlora, Elvira G.ThesisSoNAHBS2004Birth control -- Health aspects Human reproductive technologyABSTRACT
The influence of Gibberellic acid and photoperiods on the flower induction of Chrysanthemum MorifoliumFugaban-Puntawe, NancitaThesisSoNAHBS1981Chrysanthemum morifolium -- Propagation ABSTRACT
Factors associated to postpartum depressionGagni, Sarah Deborah F.ThesisSoNAHBS2014Depression Postpartum depressionABSTRACT
Assessment of depression among orthopedic clients using Beck's depression inventory and Hamilton depression rating scalesGalace, Krisma B.ThesisSoNAHBS2013DepressionABSTRACT
Dissemination and utilization of nursing research findings by nurses in Baguio CityGallardo, Susan G.ThesisSoNAHBS1992Nursing -- Philippines -- Education Nursing -- Research ABSTRACT
The operational practices of real estate subdivision developers in Baguio CityPanis, Ernesto C.ThesisSEA1993Real estate business -- Baguio CityReal estate investment -- Baguio CityABSTRACT
Development of a safety program for Saint Louis University School of Engineering and Architecture LaboratoriesPadua, Geneross D.ThesisSEA2012Laboratories--Safety regulationsABSTRACT
Selected factors affecting environmental management decisions in some industrial establishmentsPacyaya, Emmanuela C.ThesisSEA1992Decision makingDecision making Industrial waste -- Management ABSTRACT
Implementation of environmental compliance : its impact on project management of subdivisionsOlayo-Marino, Angeline B.ThesisSEA1998Environmental compliance Environmental engineering ABSTRACT
Improving the inventory management practices in a chemical service distribution companyPetilla, Mary Jane C.ThesisSEA2018Inventory controlABSTRACT
Operations improvement of MOOG Controls Corporation through strategic implementation of a tool management systemPestaño, Thomas Patrick PanchoThesisSEA2009Operation management -- MOOG ABSTRACT
Computer aided drafting and design in vertical construction for the development of an effective academic programPenafiel, Danilo R.ThesisSEA2000Computer-aided design Vertical construction -- Data processing ABSTRACT
Measuring sense of place in session road through its building facadesPatano, Melissa Ann C.ThesisSEA2015Architectural designsBuildings ABSTRACT
The servicing operations of the Local Telephone Service Provider (LTSP) of BaguioParnacio, Rey M.ThesisSEA1994Local telephone service provider--Baguio CityTelephone services -- Baguio City ABSTRACT
Nursing audit for quality nursing careGallardo, Susan G.ThesisSoNAHBS1999Nursing careNursingABSTRACT
Caring for a developmentally challenged child : mothers' emerging resilienceGapasin, Joan D.ThesisSoNAHBS2016Family healthABSTRACT
Use and effectiveness of complementary and alternative medicine by cancer patientsGarcia, Maria Elena TelaThesisSoNAHBS2012Complementary therapiesABSTRACT
Caring behaviors demonstrated to cancer patientsGarcia-Ratac, Florita ReyesThesisSoNAHBS2000Caring behavior -- Cancer patientsNursing careABSTRACT
Attitudes of the primipara towards body image changes during pregnancy and postpartum periodGascon, Marian Grace A.ThesisSoNAHBS1990Body buildingPregnancy -- Body imageABSTRACT
Effectiveness of a teaching module among the hypertensivesGenio, Evangeline J.ThesisSoNAHBS2017HypertensionsHypertension -- Prevention and controlABSTRACT
The degree of practice of handling infectious waste among hospital staff nursesGo, Catherine Joyce D.ThesisSoNAHBS2015Disinfection and disinfectantsMedial wasteSanitationABSTRACT
Biological control of pea pod borer (heliothis armigera huebner)Gomez, Romeo A. Jr.ThesisSoNAHBS1993Agricultural pestsInsecticides -- Biological controlABSTRACT
Activity-based interventions for health promotion among the chronically ill adultsGonzales, Bianca Grace D.ThesisSoNAHBS2014Chronic diseaseMedical -- Long term careABSTRACT
Host preference to meloidogyne spp. chit. and globodera rostochiensis woll. on selected Baguio vegetablesGorospe, Ma. Cynthia A.ThesisSoNAHBS1986Plants -- DiseasesVegetables -- Diseases and pestsABSTRACT
Quality of life and support seeking utilization of adolescents in non-traditional familiesGuidangen, Cristy C.ThesisSoNAHBS2018Quality of lifeABSTRACT
Influencing factors to natural family planning methods acceptanceGuitelen-Magwilang, JudithThesisSoNAHBS1998Birth control methodBirth control -- Moral and religious aspectsFamily planning -- Socio-behavioral aspectsABSTRACT
Cases of sexually abused children and their stories in the apperception testAriola, Excella Jay U.ThesisSoNAHBS2014ApperceptionChild sexual abuseABSTRACT
Knowledge and practices of female commercial sex workers on sexually transmitted diseasesHagad-Buhangin, ShirleyThesisSoNAHBS1999Sexually transmitted diseasesABSTRACT
Professional competencies of nurse instructorsJacalne, Marianne Christine G.ThesisSoNAHBS1995Nurse instructors, CompetenceABSTRACT
Spirituality, spiritual care and spiritual well-being among nurses and patientsJaramillo, Joanne C.ThesisSoNAHBS2016NursingSpiritual care--Medical careSpiritual healingABSTRACT
Bullying experiences among student nursesJemima, Afriyie Adowaa OppongThesisSoNAHBS2015BullyingStudent nursesABSTRACT
Selected hydrological, soil, and biological attributes of Barangay Carlatan Estuary, San Fernando, La UnionKarganilla, Virgilio B.ThesisSoNAHBS1993Hydrology -- La Union, Carlatan EstuarySoil -- La Union, Carlatan EstuaryABSTRACT
Self-care abilities of the religious elderlyKim, Marietta Jung WonThesisSoNAHBS1996Elderly -- Self care abilitiesHealth self careHome care servicesABSTRACT
Adaptation patterns of chronic renal failure patientsKim, Theresita Seon YoungThesisSoNAHBS1996Chronic diseases.Chronic Renal FailureRenal failure -- NursingABSTRACT
Safety practices of hospital nurses in the prevention of medication errorsKimo Jr., Mark P.ThesisSoNAHBS2014DrugsMedication abuseABSTRACT
Holistic nursing care rendered to medical-surgical patientsKlara, Cha Young Mae, Sr.ThesisSoNAHBS1996Medical care Nursing careABSTRACT
Extent of knowledge of police about cardiopulmonary resuscitationKosgey, Sharon J.ThesisSoNAHBS2013Cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR (First aid) Police -- EducationABSTRACT
Self-efficacy in workplace communication among clinical nursesKwet, Kayleen B.ThesisSoNAHBS2014Nurses Practical nursesABSTRACT
Nurse turnover: magnitude and influencing factorsLacanaria, Mary Grace C.ThesisSoNAHBS1992Nurses turnoverNurses--Job satisfactionABSTRACT
Health beliefs and practices of the Ibalois of KabayanLacanaria, Mary Grace C.ThesisSoNAHBS1999Health belief -- Ibalois ABSTRACT
Human urine as an enhancer in cattle manure decompositionRamos, Lilibeth R.ThesisSEA2013Fertilizers and manuresCompostABSTRACT
Two-stage physico-chemical treatment of waste hydroponic nutrient solution through coagulation-filtration and ion exchangeRamos, Janice A.ThesisSEA2012Waste hydroponic solution Waste managementWaste technology ABSTRACT
Risk management in the implementation of safety practices by construction firmsQuarte, Leonora F.ThesisSEA2000Construction -- Risk management Risk management ABSTRACT
Appraisal and evaluation of 5S in the School of Engineering and ArchitecturePutiyon, Patrick Joseph L.ThesisSEA2018Lean management sytemABSTRACT
Towards the implementation of a computerized multi-car identification system for Baguio Country ClubPosadas, Cynthia L.ThesisSEA2003Multi-car -- Identification ABSTRACT
Manpower and skilled occupations of the mining industry and their implications to trade-technical educationReyes, Bernardo M.ThesisSEA1969Manpower -- Mining industryPersonnel management -- Mining industry ABSTRACT
Structural and psychological empowerment of nurses and it's relationship to work related factorsLacambra, Joan G.ThesisSoNAHBS2011NursingABSTRACT
Generational characteristics of Filipino nursesLa Madrid, Jennifer A.ThesisSoNAHBS2013NursesABSTRACT
Effects of peer evaluation on the performance of staff nursesLambino, Janice Lyra P.ThesisSoNAHBS1998Nurses -- EvaluationNurses -- Job performance -- EvaluationABSTRACT
Drug information sources : preferences and influences on physician's prescribing and pharmacist's dispensing activitiesLangit, Mark Ryan G.ThesisSoNAHBS2010Drugs -- Information servicesABSTRACT
Nurse's managerial functions: importance, involvement, barriers and facilitatorsLao-eng, April N.ThesisSoNAHBS2015NursesABSTRACT
Insecticidal effects of Ricinus communis L. and Chenopodium ambrosiodes L. leaf extracts against diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella L.)Lardizabal, Michelle P.ThesisSoNAHBS2000InsecticidesInsecticides -- ToxicologyABSTRACT
Strawberry Crinkle Virus (SCV) : symptomatology and host rangeLaruan, Mary Jane L.ThesisSoNAHBS1987Plant diseasesStrawberry Crinkle VirusABSTRACT
Knowledge, attitudes and interest of pharmacy students in Baguio City towards clinical pharmacy practiceLaruan, Lianne Marie Victoria A.ThesisSoNAHBS2011Clinical pharmacology -- PracticePharmacy students -- Baguio City -- AttitudesABSTRACT
Spiritual needs and care rendered to hospitalized patients : an assessmentLaruan, Elisa V.ThesisSoNAHBS2012Nursing care -- MethodologyNursing -- Religious aspectsSpiritual care (Medical care)ABSTRACT
The struggles of parents taking care of children with leukemiaLayug-Sangalang, Jocelyn GanzonThesisSoNAHBS2002Nursing careABSTRACT
The cardiovascular risk profile of the intermediate schoolchildren of the University of Baguio Laboratory Elementary School, school year 2008-2009Lonogan, Janice Kaylyn K.ThesisSoNAHBS2009Cardiovascular systemHeart diseasesABSTRACT
Effectiveness of Makahiya root decoction on stage 1 hypertensionLopez, JonathanThesisSoNAHBS2013HypertensionMakahiya root (Mimosa pudica linn)Medicinal plants -- Philippines -- Therapeutic useABSTRACT
Extent of health teachings given by nurses to CVD patientsLopez-Pangwi, Carolina DalaoThesisSoNAHBS2002CVD patient -- Nurses instructionHeart diseasesABSTRACT
Species diversity of the Mangrove Forest in Pasuquin, Ilocos NorteLu-Gonzales, ArleneThesisSoNAHBS2010Mangrove plants -- Ilocos NortePlant diversity -- Ilocos NorteABSTRACT
A comparative study on the vase-life and opening in vitro of two Baguio cut-flowers as affected by some common chemical solutionsLubrica, Marci Perla V.ThesisSoNAHBS1987Flower gardening -- PropagationABSTRACT
Nursing practice on pressure ulcer preventionLucero, Gracielle C.ThesisSoNAHBS2011Pressure ulcer -- Nurses' instructionPressure ulcer -- Prevention and controlSkin -- DiseasesABSTRACT
Extent of practice on pre-hospital stroke management by emergency medical respondersLucero, Marc Gabriel C.ThesisSoNAHBS2013Cerebrovascular disease--Patients--NursingABSTRACT
Adversity quotient of nurse managerMacabiog, Regina F.ThesisSoNAHBS2014NursesABSTRACT
Levels of contamination of Baguio City water supply system as seen from bacteriology indices during the year 1985-1986Madadsec, Jr., Camilo B.ThesisSoNAHBS1987Water pollution -- Baguio CityWater supply -- Contamination -- Baguio CityABSTRACT
Problems and coping methods of COPD patientsMalecdan, Kate M.ThesisSoNAHBS1999Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patientsChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease -- TherapeuticLung -- DiseasesABSTRACT
Screening of the antimutagenic activity mushroom (pleurotus ostreatus) using the mouse bone marrow micronucleus testMangallay, Anna Liza B.ThesisSoNAHBS2004Oyster mushroomsABSTRACT
Propagation of vitis vinifera, linn, Stem cuttings as affected by natural and synthetic mediaMapanao, Cecille D.ThesisSoNAHBS1995Grafting -- Vitis ViniferaPlant breedingPlant propagationABSTRACT
Preceptor role implementation and attainment of professional autonomy : the registered nurses for skills enhancement (RNSE) experienceMarcos, Christine T.ThesisSoNAHBS2017Nurses--Professional autonomyABSTRACT
Bioaccumulation and distribution of cadmium, lead and mercury in Agno RiverMarquez-Racoma, Marilyn C.ThesisSoNAHBS2006Water -- AnalysisABSTRACT
Hepatoprotective activity of the flavonoid from the albedo of pomelo citrus grandis family rutaceaeMartin, Mary Grace SalinasThesisSoNAHBS2007Drug therapyABSTRACT
Assessment of the effectivity of charcoal layers on wastewater contaminantsRetotar-Zaparita, Edna.ThesisSEA2007Charcoal layer Wastewater contaminantsABSTRACT
Design of an electrically controlled heating device for liquefaction of crystallized honeyResurreccion, Sharon B.ThesisSEA2017Honey--LiquefactionABSTRACT
The nature of hospital management in the City of BaguioRazavi, Razi Ghiassi.ThesisSEA1979Hospitals -- Management -- Baguio City ABSTRACT
Towards the implementation of an automatic bus monitoring system for Victory Liner IncorporatedRivera, Elaine R.ThesisSEA2006Buses -- Monitoring system -- ABSTRACT
Office work improvement using process analysis at Mariano Marcos State UniversityRivera, Ami Ruth T.ThesisSEA1991Office management Personnel management ABSTRACT
The organization system of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines : an analysisRillera, Helen F.ThesisSEA1992Girl scout Scouts and scouting ABSTRACT
Professionalizing the human resources : a response to the increasing onslaught of technologyRialubin, Aniceto R.ThesisSEA1998Professionalizing of human resources Personnel management -ABSTRACT
Cluster concept : a sustainable site design approach to open market subdivisions in the municipality of TubaRomero, Robert V.ThesisSEA2006Sustainable development Sustainable site design ABSTRACT
The Benguet Electric Cooperative, Inc. : its practices and problems on administration and servicing operationsSamkao, Kanongdech.ThesisSEA1979BENECO -- Management ABSTRACT
Violence to nurses in the workplaceMaspil, Michael John M., Jr.ThesisSoNAHBS2012NursingViolence in the workplaceABSTRACT
Pre-clinical testing of the anti asthmatic property of the formulated nebule from kamatsile seed oil Pithecellobium dulce (FABACEAE)Mayo, Tzarita Marie P.ThesisSoNAHBS2007Drug testingABSTRACT
Health teachings rendered to gynecologic surgical patientsMedalla, Eustancia Cossete DizonThesisSoNAHBS2001Gynecology nursingABSTRACT
Antibacterial efficacy and safety of the formulated ointment from the extract of thenasturtium leaves, tropaeolum majus (tropaeolaceae)Menacio, Marrianne A.ThesisSoNAHBS2007Pharmaceutical chemistryABSTRACT
Practice of complementary and alternative medicine among lactating mothersMercado, Joy Nomarie Gregoria S.ThesisSoNAHBS2013Alternative medicinesBreastfeedingABSTRACT
A project of feasibility study for a mini hydro-electric plant in Bued RiverSricharoenparmong, Surus.ThesisSEA1986Hydro-electric powerMini hydro electric plant ABSTRACT
The management problems encountered by public utility jeepney operators (Baguio-La Trinidad route)Signey, Victor C.ThesisSEA1980Jeepney operation -- Baguio-Trinidad Transportation ABSTRACT
Extent of nursing interventions for pain managementMinglana, Ester Joyce B.ThesisSoNAHBS1995Nursing carePain management -- NursingABSTRACT
Virulence of the pathogenic bacterial flora of BOMBYX MORI L. under La Trinidad rearing conditionsMioten, Aurea Marie T.ThesisSoNAHBS1985Flowers -- Diseases and pests, etc.ABSTRACT
Cancer chemopreventive activity of the characterized bioactive alkaloid extract from Musa Sapientum (Musaceae) flowerMisalang, Filipina LayacanThesisSoNAHBS2010Cancer--ChemopreventionMedicinal plantsABSTRACT
The extent of and barriers to implementation of primary mental health careMorales, Amy Karla B.ThesisSoNAHBS2018Mental health servicesABSTRACT
Extent, barriers, and correlates to the implementation of mental health promotion interventionsMoreno-Lacalle, Rainier C.ThesisSoNAHBS2014Mental health servicesABSTRACT
Seasoned nurse administrators saga : in the changing and challenging timesNarreto, Theresa Linda C.ThesisSoNAHBS2014NursesNursingABSTRACT
The concept of nursing in the Philippines from the perspective of nurses in Region INero, Francis Don L.DissertationSoNAHBS2016NursingNurses--Ilocos RegionABSTRACT
A study on the bacterial contamination of edible shellfish sold in the public markets of La Union and its implications to public healthObaldo, Emilie U.ThesisSoNAHBS1984Shellfish -- BacteriologyShellfish -- Blood contaminationABSTRACT
The extent of knowledge and compliance of type 2 diabetic patients regarding their treatment regimenOlucan-Batuyog, Mary JacquelineThesisSoNAHBS2007Diabetes (type 2) -- TherapeuticsDiet therapyNurse-patient relationsABSTRACT
Colocasia esculenta (taro, fam. araceae) mucilage as emulsifying and suspending agentOnoza, Michelle T.ThesisSoNAHBS2010Colocasia esculenta (taro, family araceae) mucilage -- Suspending and emulsifying agentMedicinal plantsPharmacologyABSTRACT
The extraction, characterization and utilization of the fixed oil from the seeds of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis (Linn.) O. Kuntze, family TheaceaOrduna-Manantan, FelyThesisSoNAHBS1991Essences and essential oils -- TeaABSTRACT
Early oral feeding of major abdominal surgery : a systematic reviewOribello, Teddy RegachoThesisSoNAHBS2016Abdomen--SurgeyPostoperative careABSTRACT
Facilitating and hindering factors to pain management by nurses to chronically ill patientsOrtega, Roderick R.ThesisSoNAHBS2014Chronic painABSTRACT
Study of foraging, navigation and survival capacity of Diacamma Baguiensis Wheeler et Chapman, the common black ant in Baguio CityPabalan, Noel A.ThesisSoNAHBS1981AntsAnts -- HabitationABSTRACT
The effectiveness of reflexology among hypertensive patients'Pacana-Ordonio, Marianne RuthThesisSoNAHBS2014Alternative medicineReflexologyABSTRACT
The anti-angiogenic effect of the formulated powdered chocolate drink from dried kakaw (theobroma cacao Fam. Sterculiaceae) seedsParedes, Marilyn C.ThesisSoNAHBS2010Dried kakaw (theobroma cacao Fam. Sterculiaceae) seeds -- Anti-angiogenic -- EffectMedical botanyPharmacologyABSTRACT
Some factors that affect knowledge and compliance of coronary artery disease patientsPark, Theresita M.ThesisSoNAHBS1993Heart -- Surgery -- Nurses' instructionABSTRACT
Pre-operative teaching program and the coping abilities of patients after operationPark, Theresa Hye SookThesisSoNAHBS1996Nursing carePre-operative teaching programSurgical NursingABSTRACT
Couples' infertility : meanings, responses and effectsPel-ey, Benita NgodchoThesisSoNAHBS2000ChildlessnessInfertilityABSTRACT
Toxicity evaluation of Anabaena azollae using larvae of Artemia salina and Oreochromis niloticusPimentel-Suaco, Thea T.ThesisSoNAHBS2006Algae -- ToxicologyABSTRACT
Patients with ischemic stroke : a case studyPitas, Magdalena G.ThesisSoNAHBS2001Brain DiseasesNursing careABSTRACT
Implementation of hospital pharmacy practice standards in the province of La UnionPosilero-Abiqui, Ellen Mae A.ThesisSoNAHBSPharmacy -- PracticeABSTRACT
Antibacterial screening of selected plants in the CordilleraPumihic, Carolyn B.ThesisSoNAHBS1992Disinfection and disinfectantsPlants -- Bacteriology -- CordilleraABSTRACT
Sanitation and asepsis in selected Baguio hospitals : their implications and relevance to public healthPuyao, Ursula M.ThesisSoNAHBS1993Public health -- Hospitals -- Baguio citySanitation -- Hospitals -- Baguio CityABSTRACT
Characterization, stability and efficacy of the fixed oil from atis seeds Anona squamosa (Anonaceae) as pediculicideQuiñones, Shirley D.ThesisSoNAHBS2009Essences and essential oilsHerbs -- Therapeutic useABSTRACT
The transformation of the young and troubled : lived experiences of youths under rehabilitationQuirimit, Ara Katrina R.ThesisSoNAHBS2014CorrectionsYouthABSTRACT
Caregivers' feeding practices of malnourished childrenRamos, Dennis Glen G.ThesisSoNAHBS2012Malnutrition in children -- Philippines -- Baguio CityNutritionABSTRACT
Implementation of the nursing education program in Region I and CARRamos, Ludivina R.ThesisSoNAHBS1998Nursing -- CurriculaNursing educationABSTRACT
Design, implementation, and evaluation of the LOVE teaching package for nursing studentsRamos, Ludivina R.DissertationSoHNABS2002Academic -- Study and teachingNursingABSTRACT
Toxicity effects of sodium nitrite on the chick embryo (hen's egg test)Razo, Jennet E.ThesisSoNAHBS2003Chick embryo -- Poisons and poisoningPoultry -- ToxicityABSTRACT
Fungicidal control of green muscardine disease of silkworms (Bombyx mori L.)Rebogio, Ma. Arlyn S.ThesisSoNAHBS1997Fungi -- ControlABSTRACT
Cost-effectiveness of hospital fall prevention approaches among adults : an integrated reviewRemon, Aldren R.ThesisSoNAHBS2015Accidents -- PreventionHospitalsABSTRACT
Potential of pseudomonas aeruginosa and pseudomonas flourescens for the biodegradation of plasticsRenotas-Caser, SharleneThesisSoNAHBS2005BiodegradationABSTRACT
Practices of mothers on diarrheaRivera, Claudine Jill A.ThesisSoNAHBS2013Diarrhea in childrenABSTRACT
Induction of mutation by magnetic fields on the Drosophila melanogasterRobles-Rafanan, Jocelyn.ThesisSoNAHBS1984Drosophila melanogaster -- GeneticsDrosophila melanogaster -- PropagationABSTRACT
Collaborative drug therapy management between physicians and pharmacists in hospitals in PangasinanRosal, Rosalyn G.ThesisSoNAHBS2009Drug therapyABSTRACT
Perceptions of older adults on sexualityRosario-Pacial, Rachelle GayThesisSoNAHBS2014Perception (Sexuality)ABSTRACT
In-vitro callus induction in schizostachyum lumampao (blanco) merr, (buho bamboo) using two types of explants in four media formulationsSacatropes, Arthur DC.ThesisSoNAHBS2002Bamboo -- BiologyABSTRACT
Health practices observed by mothers of 0-5 years old children for common ailmentsSameon, Serafia M.ThesisSoNAHBS1998Community health nursingNursing careABSTRACT
Spiritual profoundness and preparedness of staff nursesSantos, Nimfa T.ThesisSoNAHBS1999Nursing careABSTRACT
Herbal medicines as supportive treatment for diabetesShrestha, Ranjana D.ThesisSoNAHBS1995Botany, Medical -- Therapeutic useHerbs -- Therapeutic useMedicinal plants -- ResearchABSTRACT
Lichens (Parmelia perlata and Usnea barbata) as indicators of air pollutionSingson, Evangeline C.ThesisSoNAHBS1994Air pollutionBotanical chemistryPlants (Lichens) -- AnalysisABSTRACT
The journey of grandparenting : struggles and rewardsSoberano, Myriah N.ThesisSoNAHBS2014GrandparentingGrandparents as parentsGrandparentsABSTRACT
Mentoring practices of nurses : basis for developing a mentoring programSomngi, Rose A.ThesisSoNAHBS2017Mentoring--NursesLeadershipNursing servicesABSTRACT
Pharmacy undergraduate students in Baguio City : career choices, expectations and attitudesSuge, Titus K.ThesisSoNAHBS2010Pharmacy -- Vocational guidanceABSTRACT
The extent of knowledge on falls by staff nurses in Baguio-Benguet healthcare settingsTabugader, Cay Darhyl R.ThesisSoNAHBS2010Accident preventionPersonal health safetyABSTRACT
Effects of honey on wound healingTactay, Mary Cecilia F.ThesisSoNAHBS1999HoneyTraditional medicineWound healing -- HoneyABSTRACT
Rooting growth and survival of Thea Sinensis cuttings as induced by auxin concentration and duration of exposureTadaoan, Olive Ruth D.ThesisSoNAHBS1987Thea Sinensis -- GrowthThea Sinensis -- PropagationABSTRACT
Performance of primary health care roles of nurses in the hospital settingTamang, ShakuntalaThesisSoNAHBS1998Nurses -- RolesPublic health nursingABSTRACT
Tyrosinase inhibition of the flavonoid-rich extract from aratiles (Muntingia calabura Family Muntingiaceae) and evaluation of the formulated creamTan, June Louise R.ThesisSoNAHBS2011Aratiles leaves (Muntingia calabura Family Muntingiaceae)FlavonoidsMedicinal plantsABSTRACT
Screening of antibacterial and antifungal properties of dominant lichen acids from selected Cordillera lichensTandoc, Ma. Josephine B.ThesisSoNAHBS2002Lichens -- CordilleraABSTRACT
Nursing care rendered to dying patientsTejada-Monis, FlorenciaThesisSoNAHBS1995Home nursingNursing careABSTRACT
Knowledge and attitudes of community and hospital pharmacists in Baguio City regarding complementary and alternative medicinesTekle, BisratThesisSoNAHBS2010Community pharmacists -- Baguio CityHospital pharmacists -- Baguio City -- AttitudesPharmacologyABSTRACT
Chemopreventive effects of beta-carotene and alpha-tocopherol on the genetoxicity of benzo (alpha) pyreneTipayno, Sherlyn C.ThesisSoNAHBS2001ImmunityABSTRACT
Assessment of role performance of nurses and midwives on community managed maternal and newborn careTomilas, Roger A.ThesisSoNAHBS2013Maternal-child nursingMidwiferyABSTRACT
Lived experiences of hemodialysis patientsToquero, Randolph BernardoThesisSoNAHBS1999Hemodialysis patient -- Nursing careNursing careABSTRACT
Hepatitis B vaccine responsiveness among health care personnel and students : the Saint Louis University - Hospital of the Sacred Heart experienceToralba, Alexander B.ThesisSoNAHBS2003Hepatitis B -- Prevention and controlHepatitis B vaccineABSTRACT
Effectiveness of a diabetes booklet in behavioral modification of patients with T2DMToriado, Mikko C.ThesisSoNAHBS2015DiabetesABSTRACT
Bacterial ecology of the phyllosphere of selected species of monocot and dicotToyokan, Gloria Meryl K.ThesisSoNAHBS2004BacteriologyABSTRACT
Care rendered to palliative patientsValdez-Bacbac, Juliet G.ThesisSoNAHBS2014Intensive care nursingTerminal careABSTRACT
Knowledge, practices and collaborative roles on medication safety among physicians and pharmacistsValentin, Sandra M.ThesisSoNAHBS2009Drug -- AnalysisDrugs -- AdministrationABSTRACT
Performance indicators of senior student nursesVerroya, Herminigilda V.ThesisSoNAHBS2011Academic achievementMotivation in educationABSTRACT
Perceptions on osteoporosis and its preventive practices by adult womenVicente-Cara, MaricrisThesisSoNAHBS2013OsteoporosisABSTRACT
Perceptions of mothers on the psychosocial development of their childrenVinoya, Bernardino FerrerThesisSoNAHBS2012Child developmentChild psychologyABSTRACT
Genotoxicity and antigenotoxicity evaluations of organophosphate pesticide-treated pechay (Brassica chinensis, L)Viste, Evelyn MillanThesisSoNAHBS1996PesticidesPests -- ControlABSTRACT
Correlates of internet addiction among adolescentsWaldo, Alfred D.ThesisSoNAHBS2014Compulsive behaviorObsessive-compulsive disorderABSTRACT
Touchmath method as an enrichment tool in teaching addition to children with mild autismAbad, Michael JamesThesisSTELA2008AutismABSTRACT
The influence of parental involvement on elementary children's academic performanceAbalos-Bernardo, Laarni Lei N.ThesisSTELA2012Education -- Parent participationABSTRACT
Body image perceptions before and during pregnancy among adolescent primigravidas in Baguio CityAben-Bayod, Ylona VeronicaThesisSTELA2013Body imageABSTRACT
The cognitive and effective aspects of personal deathAbille, Maris A.ThesisSTELA2000DeathABSTRACT
Camus' revolt : meaning of existenceAbordo, Anabelle LuyaThesisSTELA2008ExistentialismABSTRACT
Spousal intimacy as determinant of the work-life balance among working mothersAbrera-Avila, Rhoda JoyThesisSTELA2013Work and familyABSTRACT
Computer competence of teachers in private secondary schools in Baguio CityAbuan, Allan RuizThesisSTELA2008Computer-assisted educationComputer literacyABSTRACT
Information and communication technology maturity model for public and private secondary schools of Baguio CityAbuan, Allan R.DissertationSTELA2017Information technology--Secondary school--Baguio CityABSTRACT
Evidence based practices organizational implementation model in the nursing educationAbunab, Hamzeh Y.DissertationSTELA2018Evidence-based nursingNursing-- study and teachingABSTRACT
Antas ng kasanayang panggramatika ng mga mag-aaral ng SLU-LHSAcosta, Mercy TuqueroThesisSTELA2006Filipino languageABSTRACT
Development of a multicultural theological curriculum in the Philippine evangelical HEIsAcosta, II, Frederick L.DissertationSTELA2017Multiculturalism--Theological aspects--CurriculumABSTRACT
Action-to-formula paradigm as an approach of learning fractions by learners with mild intellectual disabilityAcosta, Cristina P.ThesisSTELA2018Evidence-based militaryEducation, HigherEducational leadershipABSTRACT
Attrition in the College of Engineering, Saint Louis University, relative to selected variablesAdaoag-Leonen, CatalinaThesisSTELA1989Attribution -- SLUDropouts -- SLUABSTRACT
Tatlong mukha ng ina sa mga nobela ni Lualhati BautistaAdaoag-Garcia, Ma. Flora MayThesisSTELA2003Philippine novel (Tagalog) -- CollectionABSTRACT
Towards a model for restructuring congregation-owned schools : an autoethnographyAdaoag, S. Ma. Paula G.DissertationSTELA2008Church schools -- AdministrationSchools -- AdministrationABSTRACT
Computer assistive instruction in reading for childrenAdaoag-Bartolome, Maria Cecilia.ThesisSTELA2009Reading -- Computer assisted instructionABSTRACT
Factors affecting student performance on the areas of the NCEE in selected schools in Ilagan, Isabela, 1977-1978Adaya, Aurora V.ThesisSTELA1978College and universities -- Entrance examinationsNational College Entrance ExaminationStudent performance -- NCEE -- Ilagan, IsabelaABSTRACT
Event as the locus of systematic transformation in the light of Alain Badiou's philosophyAdora, Melvin AquinoThesisSTELA2014Badiou, Alain, PhilosopherFrench philosophyABSTRACT
Understanding the face of HIV/AIDS : Filipino men who have sex with menAfrica, Ronela JeiDissertationSTELA2002AIDS (Disease) -- Pychological aspectsHomosexualityABSTRACT
The guitar in the Philippines : a recording of selected music for the guitar by contemporary Filipino composersAgcaoili, Angelito SyDissertationSTELA2002Composition (Music)Composition (Music)GuitarsABSTRACT
Education and Heidegger's dasein as careAfingwan, Allandre S.ThesisSTELA2009ExistentialismHeidegger, Martin 1889-1976Human beings -- PhilosophyABSTRACT
Ang wika ng dad-at bilang salamin ng kultura ng mga Kankanaey ng BenguetAglasi, Mitche A.DissertationSTELA2013Language and cultureABSTRACT
Level of performance of students in nonverbal materialsAgnapan, Ma. Virginia S.ThesisSTELA2006Teaching -- Aids and devicesTeachingABSTRACT
The state of the art of music instruction in private elementary schools in the city of BaguioAgoot, Francisco T.ThesisSTELA1998Music -- Methodology -- Elementary educationMusic -- Study and teachingABSTRACT
Teaching-learning styles toward classroom-based activities in the teaching and learning of English, Science and MathematicsAgoot, Francisco T.DissertationSTELA2011Classroom managementTeachingABSTRACT
Ethnic identity and work motivation of Cordilleran employeesAgtani, Joven B.ThesisSTELA2014Cordillera -- Ethnic identityIdentityMotivation (Psychology)ABSTRACT
The Ilocano parents' experience of an empty nestAgtarap, Chester N.ThesisSTELA2017ParentsEmpty nestersParentingABSTRACT
Exploring the creative leadership of senior high school principalsAgtani, Jenny Marsha B.ThesisSTELA2018Leadership--Senior High School PrincipalsEducational leadershipABSTRACT
Professional development framework for school leadership: an evidence-based approach in a military contextAfan, Reynan C.DissertationSTELA2018Leadership--Military SchoolEducational leadershipABSTRACT
Towards the enhanced research culture in Araullo UniversityAban, Fidelo G.DissertationSTELA2009ResearchResearch--Action PlanABSTRACT
A learned helplessness scale for Filipino college studentsAgu, Victor Emmanuel B.ThesisSTELA1992Learned helplessness scaleABSTRACT
Teacher reactions towards the use of Pilipino in high school mathematicsAguilana, Esther D.ThesisSTELA1978Filipino language -- UsageMathematics -- Study and teaching -- Filipino languageTeaching -- MethodologyABSTRACT
Behavioral manifestations and reasons related to crab mentalityAguilar, Ma. Victoria C.ThesisSTELA2000Crab mentalitySocial psychologyABSTRACT
Beliefs and customs on maternal and child health care of three ethnic groups serviced by the Dr. ECM Medical Center : their implications to educationAguirre-Pobre, Lily.DissertationSTELA1985Child birth -- Rites and customsChildren -- Care and hygieneABSTRACT
Formative evaluation of the Philippine Military Academy tri-service program : imperatives for curriculum relevanceAgulan, Gismo V.DissertationSTELA1995Philippine Military Academy -- Curricula -- EvaluationTri-service program -- PMAABSTRACT
Effect of issue investigation and action training on the environmental attitude of studentsAgustin, Joel A.ThesisSTELA1994Conservation of natural resourcesEnvironmental protectionABSTRACT
Support and problems encountered by students with hearing impairment in the College of Education, Saint Louis UniversityAgwayaway, Mc Dowell P.ThesisSTELA2007Hearing impairment -- StudentsSpecial educationABSTRACT
Towards a more effective parent involvement in schoolAlan, Rosalinda S.ThesisSTELA1997Parent-teacher relationshipABSTRACT
Assessment of career education programs in the institutions of higher learning in Baguio CityAlabanza, Nelly E.DissertationSTELA1982Career education programs -- Higher educationABSTRACT
Zoon Politikon : Hannah Arendt and the public self in political lifeAlawas, Gulliver Eric CamsolThesisSTELA2012Arendt, Hannah 1906-1975Political scienceABSTRACT
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Productivity of Union Cement Corporation through optimization of resourcesTablatin, Albert P.ThesisSEA2002Production management ABSTRACT
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Work styles of practicing engineers : its implications to managerial capabilitiesTan-Jimenez, Julieta D.ThesisSEA2006Work styles -- Engineers ABSTRACT
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At the heart of Parrhesia : self-mastery and the Logos-Bios harmonyAlawas, Junelyn CamsolThesisSTELA2015Foucault, Michael, 1926-1984 -- French philosopheModern philosophyABSTRACT
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Promoting sustainable consumption behavior in the grade 9 social studies curriculumAlim, Joan F.ThesisSTELA2018Social studies--CurriculaABSTRACT
The effects of classroom observations on the teaching performance of grades I, II and III English communication arts teachersAliping, Sharon D.ThesisSTELA2005Classroom observationTeachingABSTRACT
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Counselor competencies towards counseling and their influence on self-efficacyAlunes, Lyra M.ThesisSTELA2018CounselingABSTRACT
Exploring the intercultural strategies of online ESL teachersAlvaro, Melanie G.ThesisSTELA2017Intercultural strategies--TeachingABSTRACT
A comparison of the use of the stream-of-consciousness technique by James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, and William FaulknerAlviar, Lourdes J.ThesisSTELA1984American fiction -- History and criticismABSTRACT
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Indigenizing the MAPEH curriculum utilizing cultural elements of the Bago tribeAmoyen, Flora Belle A.ThesisSTELA2006Art -- CurriculaHealth -- CurriculaMusic -- CurriculaABSTRACT
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Sources and level of Hope and its contribution to the well being of male inmates at the Baguio City JailAng, Geraldine Nicole T.ThesisSTELA2014EmotionsHopeABSTRACT
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The significance of food in parable of the wedding feast in Matthew 22:1-4 and the KanyawAntonio, Jr., Fred F.ThesisSTELA2015Bible -- ParableReligious holidaysABSTRACT
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Cost-effective measure to improve ground stability along geohazard zones within Alpa Villa Subdivision, Tuding, Itogon, BenguetValdez, Elpidio V., Jr.ThesisSEA2007Soil mechanics ABSTRACT
Design, fabrication and performance test of an actuator-driven mushroom substrate bagging machine with replaceable canistersVillanueva, Hubert Kim M.ThesisSEA2017Bagging machine--DesignMushroom industries--Production standardsABSTRACT
Integrated circuit active load single-ended CMOS amplifier coursewareVillanueva, Robert F.ThesisSEA2015Audio visual materials Computer-assisted instructionTeaching -- Aids and DevicesABSTRACT
Water distribution control system for Barangay Upper Quezon Hill Baguio CityVillafuerte, Marlon Charles V.ThesisSEA2016Water supply--ManagementABSTRACT
A performance-based vulnerability assessment of the PMA water supply systemVillacrucis, Achilles C.ThesisSEA2013Water supply engineering -- Philippine Military Academy ABSTRACT
An assessment of the soil erosion condition surrounding the AUSAID facility of Baguio Water District at Busol WatershedVergara-Balila, Rosario.ThesisSEA2007Soil erosion ABSTRACT
Inclusive urban design : revitalizing session road for all walks of lifeYañez, Tony Mark T.ThesisSEA2012City planning -- Baguio City (Philippines) ABSTRACT
Towards the adoption of a numerical cadastral-based map as a tool in the assessment and valuation of public lands : the case of Baguio CityWalsiyen, Apolonio A., Jr.ThesisSEA2014Public lands -- Baguio City
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Semantics of taxicab namesAquisay, Serlita FeriolThesisSTELA2005SemanticsABSTRACT
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Behavioral problems and the remedial-preventive role of guidance in the elementary and high school levelsAstudillo-Bautista, Mary PresentacionThesisSTELA2011Educational counselingABSTRACT
Perceived riskiness and frequency of participation in risk behaviors among selected Filipino adolescent offenders in Baguio CityAustria, Angeli TuzonThesisSTELA2009AdolescenceAttitude (Psychology)ABSTRACT
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Strategies in reducing writing anxiety of studentsAyao-ao, Shirley L.ThesisSTELA2016Academic writingABSTRACT
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Towards a philosophy of service quality in the teacher education institutionsAyunon, Bernardita CastañedaDissertationSTELA2001Teacher educationABSTRACT
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The leadership skills and professional competence of teachers in some selected elementary schools in Baguio CityBaatar, OyuThesisSTELA2002Educational leadershipProfessional competenceABSTRACT
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Madukayong : a case study in affective meaningBaguingan, Gloria A.ThesisSTELA1985Filipino language (Madukayong)ABSTRACT
Problems in the implementation of literacy program in the Division of BoholBaja, Thelma C.ThesisSTELA1998Literacy program -- BoholNonformal education -- Literacy programABSTRACT
Parent-teacher collaborative effort in managing inappropriate behavior of children with mental retardationBalantin, Jovelyn Petra T.ThesisSTELA2009Mental retardationSpecial educationABSTRACT
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Formative evaluation of coastal management programs in the PhilippinesBalgos, Miriam C.DissertationSTELA2002Coastal zone managementCoastal zone managementABSTRACT
Effect of self-regulating behaviour on algebraic competency in rational expressionsBalidoy, Quennie Lynn G.ThesisSTELA2012Algebra -- Study and teachingABSTRACT
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The nature of the Socratic method and its relevance to current teaching and learning situationsBallesteros, Albert AlbanoThesisSTELA1980Religious education -- Methods of instructionABSTRACT
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The influence of locus of control on anger expressions in the Police forceBalunos, Nick R.ThesisSTELA2014AngerEmotionsABSTRACT
Chemistry instruction in private tertiary institutions in La UnionBambico, Wilfred BasaThesisSTELA1997Chemistry -- Study and teachingABSTRACT
Classroom interaction analysis of cognitive processes and strategies : basis for prototype cognitive interactive-based lessons in organic chemistryBambico, Wilfred BasaThesisSTELA2007Classroom managementABSTRACT
Jesus' attitude towards the law in Luke : a model for FilipinosBandoc, Isagani LetacThesisSTELA2009Christian lifeReligious lifeABSTRACT
The linguistic features of Japanese and Chinese conversational EnglishBang-ochan, Jamaica P.ThesisSTELA2014English as a second languageEnglish language -- PronounciationABSTRACT
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Motif of center, myths, and symbols in wadagan kan dulimaman and three related Tinguian storiesBarbero-Balmaceda, EvelinaThesisSTELA1985Folklore -- Philippines -- TinguianMythology -- Philippines -- TinguianABSTRACT
The politics of spaces : appropriating Henri Lefebvre's critique of contemporary societyAmlos, Geoffrey C.ThesisSTELA2013Urban policy--CordilleraUrbanization--CordilleraABSTRACT
Evidenced-based practice beliefs, competence and implementation of nurses practicing in the Ilocos regionArde, Jr., Bernardo Oliber A.DissertationSTELA2018Nursing--Ilocos RegionABSTRACT
Cooperating teachers providing mentoring assistance to pre-service student teachers with visible disabilitiesAvila, Franz Donnabelle B.ThesisSTELA2018Teachers of deafblind people--Mentoring assistanceABSTRACT
Appropriating the values of John 17:20-26 in the Baguio-Benguet ecumenical groupBantolin, Michael ManzanoThesisSTELA2018EcumenismABSTRACT
Gender-sensitivity in the teaching of Philippine history as a general education course in tertiary institutions in Baguio CityArcangel-delos Reyes, Charita.ThesisSTELA2001CurriculaPhilippines -- History -- Study and teachingABSTRACT
The significance of mountains in the Benguet Kankana-ey's experience in dialogue with the Judeao-Christian traditionAwisan, Brigitte P.ThesisSTELA2013Christianity -- Relations -- Judaism -- Benguet (Philippines)Mountains -- Benguet (Philippines) -- Religious aspectsABSTRACT
Financial statements analysis by manufacturing enterprises in Baguio CityGautam, Deepak Prasad.ThesisSAMCIS1997Finance -- Analysis Financial statement -- Analysis ABSTRACT
Skills analysis of bank officers in Baguio City : a basis for training needs analysisGhimire, Prashant.ThesisSAMCIS2001Bank employees -- Training Personnel management ABSTRACT
Consumer emotions and motivations influencing choice and purchase of beverages in Starbucks coffeeGo, Aimee Gail Sun.ThesisSAMCIS2014Consumer behavior Starbucks Coffee CompanyABSTRACT
The public libraries in Baguio and BenguetGolocan-Bangao, Jennette Marie Garbin.ThesisSAMCIS1997Public Libraries -- Standards -- Baguio City
Public Libraries -- Standards -- BenguetABSTRACT
Organizational components as foundations of retention and satisfaction of employed millennials in the hotel industryGonzales, Lorillie R.ThesisSAMCIS2017Hotels and motels industries ABSTRACT
Taxpayers' awareness and compliance on registration and reportorial requirements on income taxation : an assessmentGoze, Irene A.ThesisSAMCIS2003Tax assessment ABSTRACT
The effectiveness of cooperative development authority in promoting people empowerment in Baguio CityGualberto, Princess L.ThesisSAMCIS2007People empowermentPublic administration ABSTRACT
Status and priorities of digitization in a university archival repository : basis for a proposed planGuanzo-Gapasin, JoeyThesis2016Archives -- DigitizationABSTRACT
Effective application of non-financial motivators to private bank officers in Baguio CityGupta, Nitesh.ThesisSAMCIS2000Motivation (Psychology) Personnel management -- Baguio City ABSTRACT
Voters' perception on poll automation : the case of Baguio CityHabiling, Donicia N.ThesisSAMCIS2010Elections -- Baguio City (Philippines) -- Automation -- Voter's perception Elections -- Philippines -- Automation ABSTRACT
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Prevailing attitudes and motivation towards multilevel marketing : its retention and relationship quality implicationsIlagan, Arvin.ThesisSAMCIS2014Multilevel marketing -- Psychological aspectsABSTRACT
Foreign exchange market price prediction : an artificial neutral network approachJahanpour, Kiarash.Dissertation
SAMCIS2016Foreign exchangeABSTRACT
The relocation program affecting the Chico River Dam 4 at Kalinga-ApayaoJaramillo, Romualdo F.ThesisSAMCIS1979Dams -- RelocationWater supply ABSTRACT
Collective entrepreneurship as framework for penologyJasmin, Monaloufel Rosario F.ThesisSAMCIS2018EntrepreneurshipABSTRACT
Level of fiscal autonomy of Baguio CityJimeno, Mary Jennifer D.ThesisSAMCIS1999Autonomy -- Baguio City ABSTRACT
An analysis of pub operational practices in the city of BaguioJonson-Aquino, Lucia Celia A.ThesisSAMCIS1986Pub establishments -- Baguio City
Pub establishments -- ManagementABSTRACT
Factors influencing the preference of cell phone users in selecting the mode of communicationJoshi, Gaurav Dhoj.ThesisSAMCIS2007Mobile communication systems Mode of communication ABSTRACT
The meat processing business in Baguio City : its production, marketing and other problemsJoshi, Anup Raj.ThesisSAMCIS2000Meat processing business -- Marketing Meat processing -- Economic aspects ABSTRACT
Cross-industry analysis of employee happiness and leadership styleJuan, Cherry Ann B.ThesisSAMCIS2016EmployeesLeadershipABSTRACT
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Food processing businesses in Baguio City and BenguetKarki, Smriti.ThesisSAMCIS1997Business Food processing (Production)
Wage and salary administration in Benguet Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BENECO) and Baguio Water District (BWD)Khan, Nadir Akram.ThesisSAMCIS1994Cost of living Wages ABSTRACT
Effectiveness and efficiency of income-generating projects of state universitiesKinnud, Richard H.ThesisSAMCIS2009State colleges and universities -- Philippines -- Finance.Income generating projects -- State colleges and universities ABSTRACT
A study on the employment and income of 1978 and 1979 business graduates of five private colleges, Bangkok, ThailandKitmongkolvong, BoonthaiThesisSAMCIS1980Business graduate -- Employment -- Bangkok, Thailand -- Labor -- Bangkok, Thailand ABSTRACT
The organization and servicing operations of trucking transportation in the city of BaguioKongpool, SomsakThesisSAMCIS1978Transportation, Highway Trucking services -- Baguio City ABSTRACT
Impact of spending pattern to mortgage defaultKuan, Samantha Geneveive M.ThesisSAMCIS2014Consumption (Economics)Mortgages ABSTRACT
Towards an effective implementation of the "Kilusang Kabuhayan at kaunlaran" through the analysis of Korea's "Saemaul Undong"Kwak, Maria.ThesisSAMCIS1984Livelihood programABSTRACT
Leadership effectiveness of Barangay captains : its implication to barangay developmentLabawig, Melody C.ThesisSAMCIS1999Leadership (Barangay captains) ABSTRACT
Beverage inventory control practices of selected bars in Baguio City : an evaluationLabay, Maria Luna Luz C.2004Inventory control -- Bars ABSTRACT
Determining the adversity quotient of hotel managers : towards enhancement of resiliencyLacanaria, Daniel Benedict C.ThesisSAMCIS2017Hotels and motels -- ManagementABSTRACT
Effectiveness of motivators on the job performance of FM radio station employeesLagdao, Laurali B.ThesisSAMCIS2004Employee motivationABSTRACT
The DTI NGO credit rating system and fund utilization of microenterprise beneficiariesLao-an, Andrea U.ThesisSAMCIS1999Credit -- ManagementCredit rating system -- DTI NGO ABSTRACT
Staphylococcal lysate test : an alternative for one-stage prothrombin time determinationLaranang, Wilson LealThesisSoNAHBS2010Blood -- Microbiology ABSTRACT
The certified public accountants in government service in the Cordillera administrative regionLaranang, Zita Roselyn G.ThesisSAMCIS1996Accounting -- Cordillera Accounting -- GovernmentABSTRACT
Effective implementation of municipal nutrition council programs among pre-schoolers in Kapangan, Benguet from 1996-98Laruan, Lillian Marie A.ThesisSAMCIS2001Education -- Government policy Municipal nutrition council program -- Kapangan, Benguet ABSTRACT
Factors influencing the demand of fast food chains in the City of BaguioLatupan, Ma. Victoria A.ThesisSAMCIS2005Convenience foodsFood industryABSTRACT
Diagnoses of life insurance policy lapsationLegaspina, Antonio D.ThesisSAMCIS1982Life insuranceLife insurance policy ABSTRACT
Employee motivational levels and organizational productivity : an empirical evidenceLicyayo, Maria Filipina T.ThesisSAMCIS2011Employee motivation Organizational productivity Personnel managementABSTRACT
Retention strategy effectiveness in the perspective of entry and managerial level employees of DOT accredited hotels in Lingayen, PhilippinesLiwag, Gleezel A.ThesisSAMCIS2018Personnel management ABSTRACT
An evaluation of microfinance outcomes on borrowers in light of Amartya Sen's capability approachLlanillo, Cezille G.ThesisSAMCIS2014Loans Microfinance ABSTRACT
Public service quality and satisfaction rendered by selected implementing government agencies in the Cordillera Administrative RegionLorenzana, Genevieve L.ThesisSAMCIS2009Administrative agencies -- Cordillera Administrative Region ABSTRACT
Cunningham's rational goal approach in the context of military disciplineMa-ao, Reynante Bayao.ThesisSAMCIS2013Military education ABSTRACT
Saint Louis University's Library services and collections : an assessmentMacabiog, Gracia C.1989Libraries -- Collection development -- Saint Louis UniversityLibrary services -- Saint Louis University ABSTRACT
Management control systems of public utility firms in Baguio CityMainali, Roshan.ThesisSAMCIS1995Public utilities -- Management control Public utilities -- Management ABSTRACT
A virtual private network (VPN) infrastructure for Philippine Military Academy (PMA) and general headquarters (GHQ)Mallillin, Rutillo N., III.ThesisSAMCIS2006Data transmission systems Information systems ABSTRACT
Employee financial literacy and retirement planning behavior : a case of Rossking Pty Ltd.Mamaril, Jillian Grad.ThesisSAMCIS2016Financial literacy Retirement planningABSTRACT
Purchase intention leveraging trust and customer satisfaction in social mediaManalansan, Carlo Ian A.ThesisSAMCIS2018Customer satisfaction Purchasing ABSTRACT
Customer relationship management for the city government of BaguioManaois, Edwin N.ThesisSAMCIS2006Customer relationship management -- Data processing Information technology ABSTRACT
Dimensions of client satisfaction in Rangtay sa Pagrang-ay, Inc. (RSPI) : a comparative study of existing and former clientsMaranes, Lily Ann C.ThesisSAMCIS2011Banks and banking -- Customer services Customer relations -- Client satisfaction Rangtay sa Pagrang-ay Inc. -- Customer services ABSTRACT2011Banks and banking -- Customer services -- Dissertations, Academic.
Local development fund : its impact on development in selected municipalities of BenguetMarcarena-Caymo, Mayna.ThesisSAMCIS1999Local finance -- Benguet ABSTRACT2011Customer relations -- Client satisfaction -- Dissertations, Academic.
Freedom in the workplace : an Arendtian management perspectiveMariano, Angel C.DissertationSAMCIS2013Work environment -- FreedomABSTRACT2011Rangtay sa Pagrang-ay Inc. -- Customer services -- Dissertations, Academic.
Accumulation of social capital through partnering capacity of a higher education institution : a case studyMariano, Ma. Flora G.DissertationSAMCIS2016Social capital -- Colleges and universitiesABSTRACT
Performance auditing in government agencies in Baguio and BenguetMartin, Lito Q.ThesisSAMCIS1994Auditing -- Government agencies -- Baguio City Auditing -- Government agencies -- Benguet ABSTRACT
The swine industry in Baguio City and BenguetMaskey, Sanita.ThesisSAMCIS1993Hogs industry -- Benguet Swine industry -- Baguio City ABSTRACT
Key determinants in the selection of an information technology schoolMayo, Jesusa Pontanosa.ThesisSAMCIS2007School choiceSchools -- Marketing ABSTRACT
An analysis of the management of finances and problems of the cooperative credit unions in Baguio CityMejica, Caridad Songcuan.ThesisSAMCIS1979Financial managementCredit unions -- Baguio CityABSTRACT
The Saint Mary's College Scholarship and Development Foundation, Inc. : an analysis of its financial structure and performance from fiscal year 1980-1Mendoza, Yolanda A.ThesisSAMCIS1992ScholarshipsABSTRACT
Labor turnover at the Benguet Consolidated, Inc.Mercado, Juanito M.ThesisSAMCIS1979Labor turnover Personnel management ABSTRACT
The social contract theory in collective governance : the case of Landbank-assisted cooperativesMeria-Santos, Kristine P.ThesisSAMCIS2015Cooperative banks -- Philippines Social contract ABSTRACT
A project feasibility study for the development of a dormitory complexMerin-Fagel, Myrna.ThesisSAMCIS1981Boarding houses -- Students School dormitories ABSTRACT
The rural bakeries of the sixth district of Pangasinan : their practices and problemsMicu, Emiliano G., Jr.ThesisSAMCIS1992Bakery business -- Pangasinan EntrepreneurshipSmall business -- Pangasinan ABSTRACT
The performance appraisal tool of National Power Corporation as perceived by section heads and employeesMitra, Emmelyn B.ThesisSAMCIS1998Personnel management -- National Power Corporation ABSTRACT
Problems encountered by small accounting firms in BaguioMohamdain, Mohamed Anwer.ThesisSAMCIS2011Accounting firms -- Philippines ABSTRACT
The religious knowledge of faculty members of the Catholic secondary schools in the Archdiocese of TuguegaraoMoldero, Paul Belgica.ThesisSTELA1982Religious education of young adults Personnel management Public management ABSTRACT
A framework for good governance in project development in the Cordillera Administrative RegionMolintas, Dolores J.DissertationSAMCIS2007Good governance Public administrationABSTRACT
Working capital management for small scale enterprisesMolintas-Acop, Josephine.ThesisSAMCIS1995Farm produce -- Region I Region I -- Agriculture -- Economic aspects ABSTRACT
The efficiency of micro enterprise owners in managing their working capitalMonang, Zenedith Pacyaya.ThesisSAMCIS2008Small business -- Management ABSTRACT
Waste management of government district hospitals in BenguetMontes-Lee, Gertrudes M.ThesisSAMCIS2001Waste management -- Hospitals ABSTRACT
An economic analysis of the manpower development of Kuantan, State of Pahang, Malaysia and in La Trinidad municipality, Benguet Province, PhilippinesMori, Hrothgar M.ThesisSAMCIS1981Labor supply -- Malaysia Labor supply -- Philippines -- La Trinidad, Benguet ABSTRACT
An analysis of the core leadership development programs in The Cadet Corps Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine Military Academy (CCAFP, PMA) iMorillo-Niwane, Angelita.ThesisSAMCIS2015Executive ability Leadership ABSTRACT
The fastfood business in Olongapo City : its characteristics and operationsMuñoz, Mary Jane C.ThesisSAMCIS1992Fastfood business -- ManagementFastfood business -- Olongapo CityABSTRACT
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Some personality dimensions and dyadic perceptions in the adjustment to stress of selected married couplesMcArow, Thomas Martin.DissertationSTELA1974Married couple -- PersonalityMarried people -- StressABSTRACT
The struggles and gains among the families of the overseas contract workers of Pozorrubio, PangasinanMacasieb, Jeanette P.ThesisSTELA2003Overseas contract worker -- Social aspectsABSTRACT
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Motivation strategies of english teachers from the perspective of their studentsCalaunan, Irene S.ThesisSTELA2014Motivation and EducationWhole languageABSTRACT
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Managerial functions of principals as percieved by teachers of selected secondary catholic schoolsCalvan, Nestor R.ThesisSTELA1981School superintendents and principalsSchools -- AdministrationABSTRACT
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Performance of SLU student teachers in recognizing and resolving language ambiguitiesCami-ing, Adoracion B.ThesisSTELA2013English language -- Study and teachingStudent teachers -- Training ofABSTRACT
Extent of implementation of management functions by nurse administrators in Baguio City hospitalsCarbonell, Generosa B.ThesisSTELA1999Nursing -- AdministrationNursing -- AdministrationABSTRACT
Level of performance of the physical education instructors in the private higher education institutions in Baguio CityCariño, Leonardo L.ThesisSTELA2003Coaching (Athletics)Physical education -- Study and teachingABSTRACT
Resilience and its parental determinants among graduating university in a Philippine settingCarranza, Jennifer S.ThesisSTELA2014Education -- Parent participationParenthoodParentingABSTRACT
Implementation of the school health and nutrition programs in the Public Elementary SchoolsCarreon, Susie C.DissertationSTELA1999School health program -- Elementary educationABSTRACT
The Role of popular religious practices of the Itawes on their concept of soteriologyCasibang, Jennifer S.ThesisSTELA2009Itawes -- Religious aspectsSoteriologyABSTRACT
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Community-based rehabilitation programs for children in conflict with the law in Baguio CityCastañeda, Ruzzel EnriquezThesisSTELA2008Children -- Civil rightsABSTRACT
Incidence and causes of failures: their implications to administration, teaching and curriculumCastante, MyrnaThesisSTELA1995Education -- FailuresStudent -- FailureABSTRACT
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Factors contributing to the decision of battered women to stay in an abusive relationshipCastillo, Naomi T.ThesisSTELA1999Battered womenWomen -- Social aspectsABSTRACT
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Males in the teaching profession: their motivations and valuesCastro, Josephine C.ThesisSTELA1996Teachers, MaleTeachers, Male -- MotivationABSTRACT
The Filipina image: a metamorphosisCastro, Marie Lee Anne PaunelThesisSTELA1998Filipino woman in literatureABSTRACT
Creative drama exercises for children with social-emotional disturbances due to parental separationCatama, Bryan V.ThesisSTELA2008Children of divorced parentsEmotionally disturbed childrenABSTRACT
Linguistic errors in the written english of the student teachers in the college of education of Saint Louis UniversityCatimo, Ester V.ThesisSTELA1999English language -- Errors of usageStudent teaching -- EvaluationABSTRACT
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Dehumanization in alexander solzhenitsyn's one day in the life of ivan denisovitch and the first circleCavinta-Sibolboro, Ma. FeThesisSTELA1981Russian fiction -- History and criticismABSTRACT
Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems in developing the communication skills of nonverbal children with autism in Baguio CityCayowet, Marissa C.ThesisSTELA2008Autism in children -- EducationSpecial educationABSTRACT
The Kalanguya death rituals in the light of the Jewish traditionCayatoc, Agustina CaccacanThesisSTELA2015DeathKalanguya -- Rites and ceremoniesLiturgiesABSTRACT
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Guidance programs in technical-vocational education and training schoolsCervantes, Mel Jobelle BagbagayThesisSTELA2012School counselingTechnical and vocation education Training School (TVET) -- Vocational guidanceABSTRACT
Teaching methodologies and critical thinkingChaiphuag, WanphenThesisSTELA1996Teaching -- MethodologyABSTRACT
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Marketing practices and problems of cutflower growers in the province of BenguetManuel-Guillermo, Raflyn B.ThesisSTELA2003Cutflower industry -- Marketing Farm produce -- Marketing ABSTRACT
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Lived experiences and coping of butch and femme in the Philippine societyMartinez, Merlinda Isabelle S.ThesisSTELA2017Sex role--life skillsABSTRACT
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Pagdadalumat sa paggamit ng wikang Filipino sa mga piling pilosopiya't persepyong ideolohikal ukol sa pagtuturo ng kasaysayan ng PilipinasMateo, Clarissa Baltazar.ThesisSTELA2013Filipino languagePhilippines -- History -- Study and teaching ABSTRACT
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Mary in Lucan perspective in dialogue with the devotees of Mama Mary (DMM) in Ballay, Kabayan BenguetClabson, Crusaldo Salvador P.ThesisSTELA2012Devotees of Mama Mary (DMM) Benguet (Philippines)Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint -- Devotion to -- Benguet (Philippines)ABSTRACT
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Motivations and commitment of Saint Louis University Laboratory Elementary School TeachersCoilan, Arfim B.ThesisSTELA2011Teachers -- AttitudesTeaching (Elementary)ABSTRACT
Needs assessment in the Saint Louis University residence hallsColallad, Tomasa P.ThesisSTELA1997Dormitory services -- SLUABSTRACT
Functional electrical stimulation in improving the upper extremity for daily living skills of children with spastic diplegiaColansong, Elena J.ThesisSTELA2011Cerebral palsyElectric stimulationABSTRACT
Understanding the significance of body modification among tertiary students in Bgauio CityColas-Junio, Kate Marie GenoveThesisSTELA2015Body piercingMotivationMotivationABSTRACT
Effectiveness of stimulus fading strategy in teaching word recognition to children who are mentally challengedConsolacion, Cheryl C.ThesisSTELA2010Special educationStimulus fading strategyWord recognition for mentally challenged childrenABSTRACT
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-- Family relationships -- Philippines
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Self-esteem and dimensions of parenting style as correlates of adolescent peer conformityDalay-on, Mursha C.ThesisSTELA2011Adolescence -- Peer pressureAdolescence -- Self-esteemParent-child relationshipABSTRACT
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Study skills and motivation as predictors of academic achievement among college adolescentsDela Cruz, Jeremy Lee L.ThesisSTELA2015Academic achievementCollege studentsMotivationABSTRACT
Experiences of gay and bisexual men in the cyberspace and its implication to identity and intimacyDela Cruz, Bryan C.ThesisSTELA2015BisexualitySex differences (Psychology)SexroleABSTRACT
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Inter-University collaboration among academic libraries in Baguio City and BenguetDiaron, Rina HemedezDissertationSTELA2010Academic LibrariesLibrary cooperationABSTRACT
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Some factors affecting the aptitude ratings of the Philippine Military Academy cadetsDiaz, Maria Ana BabaranThesisSTELA1995Philippine Military Academy -- Ability -- Testing -- RatingPhilippine Military Academy -- Performance standardABSTRACT
Effectiveness of knowledge channel in classroom instructionDicos, Teodoro P.ThesisSTELA2014Educational technologyTeaching -- Aids and devicesTelevision in educationABSTRACT
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Towards quality medical education: diagnosis of a medical schoolDomantay, John Anthony A.DissertationSTELA2002Medical educationABSTRACT
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Communicative action as a framework in conflict resolutionDomingo, Ramil J.ThesisSTELA2015Conflict managementABSTRACT
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The Seminary formation: holds a treasure. . .Draculan, Crisanto A.ThesisSTELA1997Religious life -- FormationSeminariesABSTRACT
Motivations of athletes in participating in special olympicsDugui-es, Janice D.ThesisSTELA2009Special olympicsABSTRACT
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Assessing the needs of a parish youth ministry progam in key areas of pastoral concernDulay, Concepcion B.ThesisSTELA2015Church work with youthMinistryABSTRACT
School personnel's perception of accreditation in selected SSpS schoolsDumadag, Marietta R.ThesisSTELA1989Schools -- AccreditationABSTRACT
Parent-child attachment of Ibaloy-Kankana-ey adolescents and its' influence on their love styles and empathyDumal-in, Lalaine L.ThesisSTELA2014Family lifeLoveParent-child relationshipABSTRACT
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Construction of vocabulary materials for Vietnamese college freshmenDuong, Huu DucThesisSTELA2002VocabularyABSTRACT
New technology in engineering education:synergizing pedagogy and technologyEguia, Maritess E.DissertationSTELA2002Engineering educationTechnology -- Engineering curriculumABSTRACT
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The World of job students: their interests, courses,jobs and reasonsElmakias, Merav D.ThesisSTELA2002CounselingPeer CounselingABSTRACT
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Assessment of beliefs and reduction strategies to physical painEspiritu, Mary Pauline LaraThesisSTELA2003PainABSTRACT
Computer technology in the learning development of students with visual impairmentEspique, Felina P.ThesisSTELA2009Visual impairmentABSTRACT
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The Personality, self-concept and self-management of women with epilepsyEstrada, Pearl Natalie B.ThesisSTELA2002Self improvementABSTRACT
Emil Dovifat and contemporary Philippine mass mediaEstrada-Tolentino, Ma. Leticia M.ThesisSTELA1988CommunicationDovifat, Emil -- PhilosophyMass mediaABSTRACT
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The Terminal illness patients and the suffering job some considerations for pastoral careEustaquio, Wendy B.ThesisSTELA2009SufferingSuffering -- Religious aspectsABSTRACT
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Development of a competency framework for community pharmacistsMaximo, Maria Fay Nenette P.DissertationSTELA2009Pharmacists -- Competency ABSTRACT
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Minimalist-based framework for online-course designMeiselman, Charles Ross.DissertationSTELA2013Web-based instruction -- Design -- ManagementABSTRACT
Decision-making : a vital tool to organizational effectiveness in private institutions of higher learning in Baguio CityMendoza, Teresita C.DissertationSTELA2003Decision making Higher education -- Administration ABSTRACT
What young mothers wish they knew about romantic relationships : inputs to reproductive health educationMendoza, Ric Elloy M.ThesisSTELA2014Sex education Teenage pregnancyABSTRACT
Academic predictors of the certified public accountant board examination performance of accounting graduates of Saint Louis UniversityMenecio, Jocelyn Javier.ThesisSTELA2002Accounting -- Licensure examination performance Accounting student -- Examination performance ABSTRACT
Linguistic performance of english high school teachers in Tarlac CityFermin, Perlita C.ThesisSTELA2001Language and languagesLinguisticsABSTRACT
The Relationship of self-efficacy, locus of control, and crystallization of identity to adolescents' career decision making difficultiesFernandez, Christine Joy P.ThesisSTELA2014Decision makingVocational guidanceABSTRACT
An Analysis of english 3rd generation technology language messagesFernandez, Dion Michael M.ThesisSTELA2005English language -- UsageABSTRACT
Preparedness of fourth year education students of Saint Louis University in implementing nonformal education programsFernandez, Joyce V.ThesisSTELA2000Experimental schoolNonformal education programs -- SLUABSTRACT
Practices among administrators of private higher education institutions in Baguio City along selected ethical decision-making frameworksFernandez, Joyce V.DissertationSTELA2005Higher education -- AdministrationABSTRACT
Attitudes of the Barangays of Baguio City on Elementary, Secondary and Tertiary educationFernandez, Perlita J.DissertationSTELA1988Education -- Surveys and appraisalsABSTRACT
Proficiency in scientific writing skill: analysis and alternative measuresFernandez, Pacita C.ThesisSTELA1993Technical writingABSTRACT
Predictors and severity of suicidal ideation among Benguet college studentsFiangaan,Jr., Ramon C.ThesisSTELA2013Suicidal behaviorSuicidal ideationABSTRACT
Slow learning conditions: its attributes, behavioral disorders, and possible interventionsFidel, Carmel D.ThesisSTELA2000Behavioral disordersEmotionally disturbed childrenSlow learning childrenABSTRACT
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Interaction analysis on communication strategies in basic mathematics classesHernal-Bailon, Lilia RosaDissertationSTELA1998Classroom interactionCommunication in teachingABSTRACT
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Improving the comprehension level of spell students through materials designLiccod-Piamonte, MarinelThesisSTELA2009Reading comprehensionABSTRACT
An Analysis of business education in Baguio City: preparation towards entrepreneurshipLopez, Jaime R.DissertationSTELA1987Business educationEntrepreneurshipABSTRACT
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Developing the social skills of children with visual impairment at the Northern Luzon Association for the Blind, INC.-School for the Blind, Baguio CityLorente-Balmeo, MarilynThesisSTELA2008Special educationVisual impairmentABSTRACT
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NFE: responsiveness to the needs of clients in four identified learning centersLubfunan-Pagadian, BasiliaThesisSTELA1996Experimental schoolsNonformal education -- Experimental methodsABSTRACT
Parents' and special education (SPED) teachers' extent of awareness on how children with autism perceive their sexualityLucero-Dueñas, Grace F.ThesisSTELA2009AutismSex educationABSTRACT
The Non-formal education program of the save our street children foundation, INC. (SOSCFI): in Baguio CityLucio, Victoria N.ThesisSTELA1999Experimental schoolsNonformal programABSTRACT
Percieved features of the School of Nursing of the Dr. Efrain C. Montemayor Medical Center: its implications to Nursing Education and health servicesLuczon, Liwayway C.ThesisSTELA1984Nursing careNursing educationNursing schoolsABSTRACT
Towards the formulation of a five-year strategic plan for graduate education in Baguio CityLumabas-Tio, JoyDissertationSTELA2000Graduate education programGraduate education -- Strategic planABSTRACT
Parenting a child with mental retardation: challenges and rewardsLumsit, Julie Y.ThesisSTELA2009Mental RetardationSpecial educationABSTRACT
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The Ontology of the Kankanaey Notion of InayanBas-ilan, II, Virgilio A.ThesisSTELA2018OntologyABSTRACT
Evidence-based practices in mentoring student nurses in clinical placement: a systematic review and meta-analysisBascos, Mark Job G.DissertationSTELA2018Evidence-based nursingABSTRACT
Validity and reliability of the braden pressure injuri risk assessment scale: a two-step systematic review and pilot studyBautista, Elizabeth H.DissertationSTELA2018Risk assessmentfor edit at DLMABSTRACT
Caritas et scientia: the pillars of augustinian recollect educationBesana, Don H.DissertationSTELA2017Education--PhilosophyABSTRACT
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